Large Enemy

An imposing enemy that I am trying to optimize for a game. This is the before shot at 21,060 Polys and 42,003 Tris. My goal is to get him to about 4,000 polys. He also has about 5 Tremendous texture maps that I would like to get down to 2, one for him and one for the clothes.

Here he goes all flattened out. Now I just got to make the master texture map to get all 5 of these into one.


Cow Game In C++

This was the animation from the last project I was working on.  I got the graphics from reiner’s tilesets he does really nice work, and offers it free of charge for game developers.  I will probably be using some of the stuff I found on his site in upcoming projects.  I really like the idea of a cow as a main character for a video game.  That is probably not what it was intended for in the set, but it works for me.