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WebGL Tools helps developers to build their dream games by including new and unique features that allow you to deploy one build that works on different devices, all in one lightweight package.


Checkout Demos integrating this asset here: Demos.

Here is a link to our Documentation.

The core features are:

  1. Adaptive for Mobile,Tablet and Desktop – deploy once, play anywhere!
  2. PlayerPrefs saving to Browser storage – make progressive games for the web.
  3. PlayerPrefs Encryption to prevent tampering – don’t be afraid of cheaters.
  4. Editor Window built from the ground up – making it easy to integrate.
  5. Multiple templates – easy to publish on different platforms including sites like Itch.io

WebGL Tools is a unique set of features enabling developers from all around the world to utilize.

They are built from the core up with developers in mind allowing for diverse usage and easy integration to every project .

Good documented code allows developers to make necessary changes so that they can adapt the features to their liking if needed.

*Note: The demos contain some free assets available in the asset store,respectively they can be found here:

FPS Microgame

Pixel Perfect Sample