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Based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Founding date:

December, 2016


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[email protected]


Rimski Stadion Pl, 2


Republic of Bulgaria


+359 879 000 777

You turn your computer on and your VR headset is ready. You are ready to enter a new world, one with seemingly endless possibilities. In this world you experience games in a way that no other platform can offer. This is a virtual revolution in gaming and you are a part of it.

But there is a disturbance in the virtual world. Repulse has raised an army of dark sorcerers who are creating new virtual realms filled with challenging encounters, terrifying opponents and powerful bosses. They have conjured dark overlords out of the pits of hell, who now seek to bring on the virtual apocalypse.

It has been foretold that a new group of legendary heroes will rise. They will equip their VR gear, and leave the world of ordinary man. They will venture forth beyond the abyss, and into the heart of the virtual world. These heroes will face their greatest fears in fully immersive VR. They will overcome the machinations of hell that Repulse has brought to these shadowy realms.

For those who succeed, their names will forever echo on the servers that host the tranquiline halls of eternity. Are you such a hero?


Why Are We Doing This?

Repulse was founded in December 2016 by inspired individuals who wanted to test the limits of what could be experienced through VR. We wanted to fly, fight, break things, feel like superheroes. The goal we have set for ourselves is to deliver to the world the immersive interactive virtual reality experiences that we have always dreamed of. Experiment Gone Rogue is the child of that ambition. Production of the game started shortly after the company formed. We’ve gone a long way since then and Experiment Gone Rogue is now available for everyone to enjoy on Steam. We are now working on a new and exciting project called Iragon.

What Has Happened So Far?

We just finished work on our first virtual reality game, Experiment Gone Rogue, and released it on Steam. Work on the game hasn’t completely stopped and there might be more updates in the future. We do believe we have delivered a rock solid VR game experience. It is a motion controlled Sci-Fi game, which includes punching like a superhero, breaking things, riding flying vehicles, blasting off armor, ripping clothes off, and some VR fun in a digital gogo bar. 



November 2018 EGR Video — Youtube

Iragon trailer — Private host


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Awards & Recognition

• “We Were the Main Sponsor of Global Game Jam Plovdiv 2018”
• “We Were the Main Sponsor of Global Game Jam Plovdiv 2019”

Selected Articles

• “Experiment Gone Rogue – previously called 10 Cupcakes – will be entering its third round of closed beta testing.”
Peter Graham, VR Focus

• “Experiment Gone Rogue is pretty much what Duke Nukem would be like in VR.”
Calum Fraser, Alpha Beta Gamer

• “Interview – Bulgaria-based VR game developer to grow team.”
Ivaylo Mihailov, SEE News

• “It was a very big and emotional experience for me to try the “10 Cupcakes” VR game. I can recommend it to anyone.”
Mariela Hubinova, Bulgarian National TV

• “I would buy this Game.”
Jim Sterling (talking about Hipster Axe), Best of Steam Greenlight

• “Yes, they have managed to make this game even more ridiculous then we first thought.”
VR and Stuff,

• “Repulse Game Studio announces that their upcoming Virtual Reality Sci-fi action game Experiment Gone Rogue will start a third round of closed beta testing.”
Fandom Fare Gaming, Fandom Fare Gaming

• “Edgy enough to get some attention.”
Jim Sterling (talking about Experiment Gone Rogue), Best of Steam Greenlight

• “I like this game and its graphics are very well made. I can say this game scores a 9 out of 10.”
Staki, GPlayTV

• “A Talented Group From Plovdiv Develop the First Bulgarian VR Game.”
Kalina Krasteva, Maritza News

• “I think it really was a fun little game to play. I love how everything blended together: the GUI, the art style, the story! It’s so perfectly sweet and cute.”
Ran (Blogger), Otome Twist

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Colorado Stark

Gamer, Founder

Vita Gaurilkaite