Iragon Changelogs

We have hit our goal on Kickstarter! We want to thank everyone for their amazing support.​


Hello everyone, Iragon BETA v. 0.45 is live now along with the changelog for this build.


 – Changelog for Beta v0.45 from 09.23.21


By the time this changelog is released, Iragon’s Kickstarter campaign will have finished. And we never imagined it would even come close to where it is right now, so we thank you all so very much for the amazing support! 

In this week’s update, we have a new cutscene that you will be able to access from the Experimental hall. The doorway for it is labeled “New Camp Scene” and in it, you’ll be able to see another suggestive interaction between Darick, Brianna and the merchant woman. All feedback about it would be appreciated. 

Next, again in the Experimental hall, we have new reaction animations for the cat girl, so go ahead and start pulling her tail to get all of her reactions. 


The new bigger spider enemy now has a special ability. He spawns small spiderlings around him that will attack you. The other new enemy – BDSM girl now has a ranged attack before charging at you. You can test that in the Experimental hall again. And we have also added new animations for the spider chick as well as a work in progress outfit and a beautiful headpiece to match it which you can check out in the “WIP Models” room. 

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Hello everyone, Iragon BETA v. 0.44 is live now along with the changelog for this build.


 – Changelog for Beta v0.44 from 09.17.21


Welcome to another Iragon changelog! We have less than a week now left for our Kickstarter campaign and it is surreal to see all of the support we got! We cannot thank you enough, and if you still haven’t had a chance to support the campaign you still have a little time left to do so. 

For this update, we have a brand new enemy in the new experimental level you already saw last week – the Misty Forest. The new enemy is a blindfolded but still very dangerous BDSM-dressed girl. Walk through the portal for the Misty Forest to be able to test this new enemy. 

We have also implemented reactions to the girls being touched in some more intimate areas. If you touch the girls around their lady parts in VR, they will now have a reaction to that. Also, if you try to touch the cat girl’s tail, she also reacts. For this reason, we added physics to the cat tail as well as a new animation for her, and improved the skirt physics for Lexi, we gave her hair physics and polished some of the already existing animations, so you can go and check those out again. To better test the skirt physics, we added the first ever model we made, so that you can compare the two. 

We added a new room in the Experimental Hall, called “Multiple follower combat”. There you can go and test combat while having 2, 3, and 4 followers with you. Once you enter the room, it’s pretty self-explanatory how to trigger them. 


And last but not least, we’re continuing expanding the VR controller support for more WMR (Windows Mixed Reality) controllers/headsets. 


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Hello everyone, Iragon BETA v. 0.43 is live now along with the changelog for this build.


 – Changelog for Beta v0.43 from 09.10.21


As always, we’re back with another weekly changelog for Iragon. But this time it’s different. It’s BIGGER! Before we get into what’s new in the game I want to remind you that the end of our Kickstarter campaign is getting closer by the day, so if you’re interested in supporting us, now’s the time!

With this update, we’re opening the doors to new areas in the game and more of the story. No longer will an annoying “To Be Continued” screen stop you from finding out what happens to our heroes in the sewers of Avoch.

You will finally find out what all that noise was about when you first entered the sewers in a new cutscene. You’ll also be presented with an important choice that might end your journey then and there with the first bad ending in the game. Don’t worry though, you can always start over from right before the scene, so you’ll get a chance to make the right choices.

After making the right choice, you’ll end up going through a dangerous series of rooms and tunnels where you’ll see some faces that may be familiar. The assassin girls that up until this point we’re only in the Experimental Hall. Now they’ll really start giving you a hard time.

We’ve also taken big steps in making the game support more VR controllers. Most of the changes are in the back end so this won’t be something that you can see, rather something you can feel, and hopefully, it feels better to play with different controllers. Keep in mind that this is still in its first iteration so there might still be some issues. One thing you CAN see is a button in the settings that will show you the bindings for your controllers. 

Another exciting addition is a portal in the Experimental Hall that will lead you to a new level that we are currently working on called the Misty Forest. Some areas in the level don’t have art yet, so you’ll have to wait a bit more for the finished thing.

Another change in the Experimental Hall is what we’ve done with Lexi’s skirt. We’re trying to make it feel natural and fun, so hopefully, the changes have made it even better than what was in the last build.

Some small changes to the enemy A.I. were made to make the combat feel a little better. Enemies are no longer constantly locked to you. At a point during their attack animation, they are locked in the direction in which they are attacking, making them a bit more predictable and interesting to fight.


One last thing. There is now a censored mode that will stop clothes from breaking during combat and revealing things that you might not want to show when recording a video, streaming, or maybe even playing at work.


We are live on Kickstarter. If you would like to support Iragon, please visit the page.


Hello everyone, Iragon BETA v. 0.42 is live now along with the changelog for this build.


 – Changelog for Beta v0.42 from 09.03.21


This week, we’re starting off with a new spider enemy AI. We added a bigger spider enemy, with different animations for more combat variety. You’ll be able to test them in the Experimental Hall.

Speaking of Experimental hall, there are a bunch of new things to see there. First are, 2 new sexy animations for Lexi, Erika, and April. Apart from that, we added skirt physics on Lexi for VR, so that you can, you know… adjust her skirt. You will also see a new WIP model for a spider monster girl. 

A small quality of life improvement  – you can now close the menus with ESC. And last but not least, we noticed that one of the villager girls was missing something very important. The lady in white and red in Grasspoint now has boob physics. 


Welcome to another Iragon changelog! We are very happy to share with you that so far our Kickstarter has 1,320 backers, which is absolutely incredible and we are grateful to each and every single one of you! The campaign is still ongoing, so please feel free to drop by and support us if you haven’t already.

This week’s new additions to Iragon start with a brightness adjustment option in the settings menu. We have some pretty dark levels and a brightness option was becoming very necessary, so we decided to add it. 

Next, we reworked the enemy AI a bit. When you respawn after you die, the enemy you fought will have full health now. Also, enemies won’t surround you immediately after you respawn. 

We also placed the Merchant Woman in Avoch right after you exit the Harem and right before the prologue ends. This is a key moment in the game, so we decided that the player will need to restock their supplies right before leaving the town of Avoch. 

In the Experimental hall “Damaged stages” room, you will find damaged stages for Erika’s default armor outfit. 

And last but not least, we improved the sky in the camp where Darick and Brianna rest. You will see the sky has better resolution and graphics.

Hello with another Iragon changelog. Before we get into it, we want to thank you again for the amazing support on our Kickstarter, as we are now 560% funded! If you still haven’t backed us, feel free to do so if you like what you see in our Kickstarter

This week we worked on adding a bunch of quality-of-life improvements for the VR version of Iragon. First, we added a setting for vignette, so that this helps reduce motion sickness while moving. We also changed the smooth turning to be axis-based and added a setting for head-oriented movement. Next, we added haptic feedback when the sword collides with something, when a spell is in hand or thrown and when an attack is parried. 

And last, in the Experimental hall’s WIP Models room, you will see new hair accessories on all of the girls’ default outfits.

For this week’s changelog, we have a bunch of new settings, new additions, and more so keep on reading to find out. Also, we want to thank everyone again for the tremendous support both on our Kickstarter and outside of it, you guys are the best! 

Starting off with very requested features for VR, we finally added a smooth turning option and a grip-toggle mode. You will also be able to adjust the turning sensitivity in the menu. Apart from that, we fixed a common bug with the height adjustment that occurred for the spells and the sword being too far away. And last but not least for VR, we added the dancing scene from the Ecchi area that you usually see in 3rd person. 

Next, we added a “Controls” menu tab in the options, so that you can adjust some of those. For now, you can only change your dodging style and your keyboard type, there is no full control customisation. We implemented “double-tap to dodge” along with “Alt” and you can also choose between a QWERTY and AZERTY keyboard type. 

A very cool new feature we added is an experimental system for a heavy attack in 3rd person. You can test it out in the Experimental hall and basically what you need to do is hold down the attack button. For each weapon, there are different effects and animations. 

Next in the Experimental hall in the New Animations area, you will find that our girl Jenna has embraced her feline side, she has a sexy cat outfit that you’ll be able to vote for at the end of the game. Apart from that, in the same room, you will see Brianna’s and the BDSM girls’ damaged states outfits. And last but not least, you will also see Lexi’s new idle animation that will be used later in the story. 

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for supporting us as we’ve reached our Kickstarter goal and are still going strong. If you still haven’t, please support our Kickstarter.

We are excited to share with you that we managed to fix the issue with the game not starting on newer Intel processors. We also potentially fixed the UI issues with some resolutions. Lastly, we addressed the issue with the wrong controllers showing up in the VR tutorial when playing with Vive wands. It would be great if you can help test and tell us if the bug has indeed been fixed.

We’ve started implementing controller support. It still needs some work, but you should be able to play the whole game through with a controller.

We have new content in the Experimental Hall. If you remember the cute and sexy outfit Jenna had last week, you’ll notice that it is now textured. Coming right after her, we have April with retextured armour. And last but not least, we added the damaged stages for the BDSM clothes. You can see this on display in the “Destructible Clothing Models” room. This is a representation of how the outfit will look in-game when the character takes damage. 

We made some changes to the kunai tutorial in the level with the assassins. Time no longer stops, and the quest stays until you have deflected 3 kunai in total.

We have added two new weapons you can test in the “Third Person New Weapons” room. The first weapon is a katana that swings faster than your regular sword. And the second weapon is a set of two swords that you dual-wield. We have new combat animations for both of these weapons. Don’t be shy and give them a try to leave some feedback.

The last thing to mention would be all the minor bug fixes we’ve made. 

We are very excited to welcome you to this week’s changelog because, as you may know, we just launched our Kickstarter campaign! So before doing anything else please check our campaign out and feel free to back us if you like it. 

And for the changelog, this week we have a few minor things. Starting with Brianna’s new default outfit from last week, now it has finished textures and materials and you can check it out in the Experimental hall and then vote on it after you exit. 

Another thing we added was a tutorial for the Kunai deflection against the female assassins. Once you start the test level and encounter the first ranged assassin, time will stop once a kunai is flying towards you and the tutorial text, explaining what to do will pop up. 

Apart from these changes we worked on general bug fixes, one of which was an annoying sound bug that hopefully is now fixed. 

Welcome to another Iragon changelog. Our Kickstarter launch is closer than ever, so if you haven’t already, make sure to drop us a follow, so that you’ll be notified when we launch. 

This week we did a few more improvements to the female assassins, the first one being bullet time for the kunai projectiles for 3rd person. We noticed it was difficult to deflect them without that, so hopefully now it’s a much more pleasant experience. We also added some new sounds to the assassins’ moves and reactions. 

Next in the Experimental Hall’s WiP area, you will be able to see April’s sexy outfit fully finished (and that outfit is hot) and also a work in progress armor/default outfit for Brianna. As always, we’ve included questions after you exit the Experimental hall, so that you can give us your thoughts. Stay tuned! 

Back with another Iragon changelog. This week we have a few more improvements to the female assassin enemies. If you remember, we added a deflect in VR, well we added one in 3rd person as well. All you have to do is hit the incoming kunai with your melee weapon. 

We also gave the assassins a bit more brain, so now they patrol around when they’re not in combat. They also have improved animations for that. 

And last but not least for the assassins, we added sound effects to the kunai and other parts of their combat. As always, you’ll be able to test the assassins in the Experimental Hall after you finish playing Iragon.

And as you know, we are launching Kickstarter soon, so it would mean the world to us if you could drop us a follow to be notified when we launch.

We’re back with another Iragon changelog. This week, we’ve been working more on the female assassins in the test level in Experimental. We improved the deflection of the kunai in VR with your sword. Now, when you try to deflect the kunai it will bounce off your weapon in the proper direction based on what angle you’re holding the sword. 

Another tweak for the claw assassin and her special ability – she now disappears when she summons her clones and we changed the particle effect of the spawning clones. 


As for the melee assassin – she is no longer immune to all attacks, instead she dodges one every 6 seconds. 

Next, in the Experimental hall, we added another test level, in which you will be able to test a new enemy – spiderlings. The portal for that test level is right next to the one of the Assassin’s, so you can’t miss it. 

Because a lot of people really liked the new slave girl, we decided to give her some improvements as well. We changed the texture on her clothes to better match her background and we also added boob physics on her. Apart from that, we fixed some wonky collision on her contraption device. 

And last but not least, in the WiP models room, you will be able to see 3 new outfits for our lovely girls. The pink one for Lexi, the BDSM one for Brianna/Brenda, and the last one that’s still WIP is for April. Questions will be included after you exit the Experimental Hall, so stay tuned if you’d like to give us your feedback. 

Make sure to drop us a follow on our Kickstarter page to be notified when we launch. 

Welcome to another weekly changelog for Iragon! If you haven’t already, make sure to drop us a follow on our Kickstarter page to be notified when we launch. 

Starting with VR, in the test sewer level, where you fight the female assassins, you will see that you’re now able to deflect the flying kunai with your weapon. You do that by holding it in front of you. 

What is more, we gave the claw assassin a special ability and doubled her health so that she is not as easy to kill now – she is able to summon her clones which have reduced damage and health. If you don’t manage to hit them, they will disappear after 60 seconds. Another minor change for her is the claw recolor to silver. 

And for the dual-wielding melee assassins, we gave them the ability to dodge all melee attacks so that you find alternative ways to kill them. 

Next in the Experimental hall, we have some new torture devices in the slave girl room, as well as another girl that’s wearing one of the new hairs we made previously, so if you’re into that kind of stuff, you can go check it out. 

Last but not least, the outfit from last week for April is now finished with textures and materials. And this week, we added Lexi’s alternative sexy outfit WiP that you will be able to see in the same room across from her armor outfit. As always, questions about those outfits will be included after you exit the Experimental Hall. 

In this week’s changelog for Iragon, we have some new exciting features to share with you. If you remember, in last week’s build, we added a portal in the Experimental hall that leads you to a part of the new Sewer level where you can find the new enemies – the female assassins. This week we added another variation of them – the Claw Assassin. She is the melee version of the assassin’s and the claws are still a work in progress. We also added some new walking animations for the assassins that are more suitable for them.

Next, again in the Experimental hall but this time in the Work in Progress section, you will be able to see a now finished armor outfit for Lexi and a work in progress outfit for April. Again, feedback questions will be included at the end of testing Iragon, so stay tuned. 

And of course, don’t forget to drop us a follow on our Kickstarter page if you want to support us once we launch!

Welcome to another Iragon changelog. As you know, we are preparing for a Kickstarter Launch where you can leave us a follow to be notified when we launch. Until then, we have some new stuff that you’ll be able to notice. 

– First, after you leave the brothel area, you see a sequence of the soldiers who order a hit on Brianna, these soldiers now have a more sophisticated look to note their importance in the game. 


– Next, in the Experimental Hall’s WIP room, you’ll be able to see another new outfit for Erika – one of Darick’s future acquaintances. She has her normal armored outfit that you’ve already seen and the new one that is a bit more… playful. Next to her, you’ll also be able to see a WIP model for another future acquaintance – Lexi. There will also be voting questions for them at the end of the game, so that we hear your thoughts on it. 


– And last but not least, again in the Experimental Hall, you will find a portal right across from the WIP models room, inside which you will be able to test the AI for the new Female Assassins. You will also see another snippet of the Sewers level there. 

Hey everyone, unfortunately for this week’s changelog, there aren’t a lot of cool new features to mention as we are focused on polishing the current version of Iragon’s prologue. And as some of you may know, we are focused on polishing so much because we are preparing for our Kickstarter launch! So, if you’ve liked Iragon so far, we would really appreciate it if you dropped by our upcoming Kickstarter page and drop a follow to be notified when we launch.

In this week’s changelog for Iragon apart from general polishes and bugfixes, we decided to balance out a little the spell upgrade/combat system:

– The abundance of destructibles has impacted the value of the mana orb causing inflation in upgrade prices

– Enemies are outraged by the higher upgrade prices and now deal more damage and have more health

– Darick is now severely depressed due to the higher upgrade prices resulting in reduced iframes in his dodge animation

Apart from that, in the Experimental Hall’s “WIP Models” room you’ll be able to see a brand new outfit for one of our lovely girls, Jenna. She is also rocking one of the new hair accessories we showed you before.

As you know we’ve been focusing on polishing Iragon as much as we can by fixing both gamebreaking and small bugs. That means that we aren’t adding a lot of new features for now and we won’t bore you with a long list of bug fixes. Instead we’ll share the few new features that made it.

General – Only a few minor things are worth mentioning this week. First, we have even better face animations for Brett, whom you see in Darick’s first interview. We also added face animations during the sex minigame.

Next, we changed the blacksmith NPC’s face in Grasspoint to fit better with the anime-cartoon style of the other NPCs.

And last but not least, we added ambiance music in the Camp area where you have one of the important fights in the game.

Emergency Update
 – After the upload last Friday (Beta 05.21.21 v0.27) we found some problems that could potentially ruin the experience for players, so we made this
Emergency Update to address them.

Hello again with a new changelog for Iragon, this week apart from a lot of bug fixes and others, we added some new features as well.

General – To start off, Iragon has a better intro loading screen now that’s not just a black screen with a white “loading” text.

Next, we changed the ending of the prologue. Now after you leave Avoch and get into the sewer entrance, you will get a sneak peek of the new Sewer level that we’ve been working on where some dangerous things will happen to Brianna and Darick.

We gave a new appearance to our tavern keeper in Grasspoint, as he wasn’t supposed to be a soldier. We also added some new village girl NPCs again in Grasspoint that you will be able to see around.

Also, in Avoch after you leave the ecchi area you will overhear some new NPCs talking about Brianna.

Another character that we decided to fix up was Brett, the first interviewer at the beginning of the game. He needed some work to be done which included some new materials, a new face rig for better animations and of course, improved face animations.

We also added face animations to our merchant woman in camp and when you hire her as your follower in the victory scene, so that she feels like a proper character now.

In the Experimental Hall’s work in progress section you will again see some new hair models with some new hair accessories.

For VR, we adjusted the spells in the tutorial to go up to your hand when you hover over them for easier equipping.

And last but not least, we decided to make our ecchi girls prettier by giving them new make up in the brothel area and around Avoch.

General – In this week’s changelog, we don’t have а lot of new changes to add and we mostly did general fixes to everything in the game. However, here are the few new things in this week’s build.

The more major change is height calibration in VR. You can now calibrate your headset before playing Iragon in case you want to play seated or standing. You will find those settings in the menu.

We redid the face animations for Darick and the military assistant in the opening cutscene for Iragon. The previous animations were not great, so we wanted to improve them.

Also, we added lip-sync for the merchant woman that you meet in the camp. If you’ve noticed, she has some banter lines when you interact with her and those lines are now lip-synced.

And last but not least, we added some new female hair models in the Experimental hall that we will be using for our characters in the future. There is also a rating question for the hair accessories on these hairs after you finish Iragon, so that we know which ones you like the most.

General – This week we decided to focus on a more general polish of Iragon’s current version. Starting off with face animations – we’re making sure that every character you encounter has proper facial expressions, for now those are the girls in the victory scene, the girls in the lesbian scene and we also added blinking and eye rotating into the idle animations. What is more, we added a new female hair model which you will be able to see in the Experimental Hall’s WIP area.

Music – We also spend a lot of time on working on and improving the music and sound design in the game. The first scene we did was in the Farmlands when Darick meets Brianna and Darick startles Brianna but then manages to distract the guards looking for her. The next sound design improvement we did was overall in Avoch after you leave the brothel. In the assassin scene you will hear better ambience and sounds and while you’re making your way to find Brianna you will hear some tension music, as well some “cliff-hanger” audio for the end of Iragon’s prologue.

General – This week’s changelog is also going to be a bit shorter. We’re adding more language options to Iragon, this time we have French, Portuguese, Italian and Korean.

What is more, we didn’t really like the texture of the sheet during the intimate scene in the Harem because it was blending too much with the background. It has a different texture and color now and hopefully looks better.

Another change we made was to the Victory cutscene that the warrior girls play after they fight – we motion-captured some new and more anime animations for them.

If you go to the Experimental Hall in the WIP Models room, you will find some new hair models that we’d like to use in the future. You will also be able to vote on them after you finish playing the game.

And last but not least, we implemented the touching reactions to the girls in the Harem area. When you go over to them and try to touch certain body parts of theirs, you will see an appropriate reaction.

General – In this week’s build of Iragon there has been mostly smaller changes. Starting off with the main one – we added a few new language options – Russian, Spanish and German so that those players can enjoy Iragon better. Next, we textured the new axe that you find on your journey, so that it looks proper now. And we also added voice lines to the merchant woman in camp when you do different interactions with her.

We also did lip-syncing for the interactive girls in the Ecchi Area for when you talk to them. We moved the short dancing sequence to one of the other girls in the Ecchi Area. And in the Experimental Hall for VR, we added some reactions to the girls when you touch their boobs, so you can test those out.

Last but not least, we decided to censor the intimate scene in the Ecchi Area because we want Iragon to be rated M for now.

Cutscenes – This week we’ve been working on some juicy cutscenes. In the new harem/brothel level you are going to be able to see some girl-on-girl action in one of the rooms. That’s right, a lesbian cutscene, please keep in mind that it is still a work in progress. What is more, after you leave the brothel you will see another cutscene of soldiers ordering the hit on Darick’s new acquaintance – Brenda. And as you continue your journey in Avoch, you will get into another cutscene/conversation with one of Brenda’s girls. Last but not least, in the Experimental Hall you will be able to enter a new work in progress cutscene preview of one of the future bosses in the game.

Level Design – We decided to pay some attention to polishing and reworking some levels this week. The tutorial level that used to be on a floating island is no longer floating, so that it matches the rest of the levels. In the brothel, we decided to pump up the romantic lighting in the bedrooms for a better atmosphere and in the tavern and interview room in Grasspoint we completely redid the lighting.

General – Some general stuff that we did was add boob physics to the girls in the tavern. We had some new and sexier voice lines recorded for the girls in the brothel. You might have noticed that the shadows on the ground in all levels looked a bit boxy, well, we fixed those as well. And last but not least, we added two new and different female face models in the Experimental Hall.

Level Design – Each week we are polishing our new brothel level more and more. This time we added proper lighting and post process that will make for a more romantic and sexy atmosphere. Another level we’ve been doing work on is the camp area. You know that there is a merchant woman there now. We completely reworked her area, added new art and assets for her such as a wagon, potions, cozy lights, and more.

Gameplay and General – As you know, we’ve been adding new translations to Iragon. This week we added a Polish translation because one of our team members happens to be half-polish. Hopefully, we have some Polish players out there who will enjoy Iragon.

You can now equip an axe again, after you loot it from a chest in the Farmlands levels, but the model is a work in progress still. We made a widget for things that will require or hold some amount of gold or mana orbs. You will be able to see that widget in the courtesan in the tavern in Grasspoint, telling you how much she is going to cost. You will also be able to see that when looting chests, to let you know what and how much you are looting.

Last but not least, in the Experimental Hall you will find some enemies with new AI that we’ve been working on. Our goal is to make our AI better and more performant but keep in mind that right now it is in a very early work in progress stage.

Cutscenes – If you tested the Experimental hall you will probably remember the victory cutscene in one of the rooms. We now implemented that scene in the actual game after the combat arena after the camp. What is more, in the new Harem level that we made you can now get some action going with one of the girls there – there is an intimate scene that you are gonna have to save up for if you want to afford it. And last but not least, we made a cutscene for Darick’s second interview in Avoch where he actually gets his first job.

Music – This week we worked a lot on improving the atmosphere and feel of Iragon. Our sound designer made a lot of new ambiance music – in the Camp Cutscene, in the Harem level, and in the Combat arena after the camp. Hopefully, that will help you immerse yourself more.

Level Design – As you know we are working on a brothel/harem room that is now almost finished. It has a very oriental vibe and it’s going to allow you to experience a lot of intimate sexy moments with the lovely girls in there. For now, there is only one sex interaction with one of the girls but we have a lot more planned for the future.

General – Last week we started working on a gold system and this week you will be able to actually loot gold from the chests that you find scattered around. With this gold, you will be able to purchase various stuff in the future, but for now, you have an option to spend them in the Avoch Brothel. Another addition is lip sync for some of the Avoch town girls that you see on the street.

Gameplay – Hopefully you remember the model for the merchant girl from previous versions – she’s now the new shopkeeper in the Camp area where Darick purchases his upgrades from. What is more, you can now hire her as your follower for a period of time. There are also other planned services you will be able to get from her in the future but those are still WiP.

We started working on a money or gold system that will later allow you to purchase items, weapons, upgrades and the aforementioned services from the merchant girl. After talking to Gintas and he gives you your 2 gold shillings – you will now be able to see those in your Inventory.

Speaking of Inventory, if you press the key “I” on the keyboard in Third Person, you’ll open Darick’s inventory. There you will see your weapons, your gold, your mana orbs count and etc. Keep in mind that it’s still work in progress, but you will no longer have to go to camp to equip different weapons. The Inventory also works in VR.

Experimental Hall – When you meet Brianna for the first time, she is not in the best condition. Her outfit is torn as she’s been through a lot – we reworked that outfit to be better looking and fitting the style of Iragon. You can check it out in the Experimental Hall. What is more, we’ve been reworking her hair model because it was difficult to add good-looking physics to it, so now in the WiP area you can see a new model for her hair and let us know what you think.

Another mini area that you’ll be able to see there is the Harem area that we’re working on. It includes some new assets that we have, some new styles that we plan on using in the future for the Ecchi brothel area.

Last but not least, we motion-captured a few animations for the ladies that are going to be in the new harem/brothel room. You can check them out in the Work in Progress section.

General – After finishing the game once you and unlocking Experimental Hall you can no longer “Continue” as there is nothing else to play. Also, we simplified our loading screens a little, so that you can better focus on the chapter titles. We added sounds to the Worm enemies in the Avoch approach level. And last but no least, we changed Gintas’ model to look even more unpleasant.

VR Changes – This week we have a few new additions for VR specifically. We worked out a physics asset for the females’ boobs. Yes. It looks and feels a lot more natural when you’re playing in VR and try to touch a girl’s boobs. What is more we added 2 sequences – one on the bridge towards avoch and one in the combat arena after the camp cutscene.

Levels and Animations – We have been working on a harem room or a brothel room – whatever you prefer to call it. You will be able to see it when you enter Avoch but keep in mind that it’s still work in progress. As for animations, we added more face animations and lip-sync for the waitresses in the tavern in Grasspoint as well as for Brianna when she asks you which way you want to go right after you meet her.

General – Some time ago, we added banter during gameplay between Darick and Brianna. This week, we added some extra lines for both of them and we also made it repeat less in some situations so that we can avoid the characters spamming the lines and becoming annoying. If you saw and remember the new merchant woman we added in the Experimental Hall WiP area, well now she has proper textures and materials to her clothes. Last but not least, we added very rough and probably very wrong language translations in Chinese and Japanese. Hopefully, that will help non-english speaking players have a better experience until we get a proper and correct translation.

Cutscene Polish – Apart from creating new scenes, we’ve also been polishing our old ones. The scene in Avoch got a touch-up on face animations for the characters, we also adjusted and changed some shots and removed some elements like the vomiting soldiers. In VR, we did some polishing to the raid cutscene in Grasspoint. We added a slash effect for when Darick defeats his enemies.

Face Animations – This week we polished a lot of face animations for some of the secondary characters. The Tavern Keeper in Grasspoint and Gintas now look and talk a lot more naturally, we added more eye movement and stuff that will make them look more human. We also added new face animations and lip-sync for Esme and Mindee from scratch.

Brianna’s New Hair – We decided to rework Brianna’s hair model because it didn’t look very natural and it was hard to work with when it came down to physics. You will be able to see Brianna’s new hair in the Experimental Hall at the end of the game.

General – After Darick’s village gets raided, there was a quest that said “Reach the Farmlands”, we decided to rename that quest to “Go to Avoch” because that makes more sense with the story now. In the Farmlands levels, we added new ambiance music that will hopefully create a better and more immersive experience. After you leave the Tavern in Grasspoint, you will see a new loading screen that was drawn by one of our artists.

Level Design – We made some changes in the tavern that you enter right after Darick is rejected on his first interview. We added some waitress NPCs and added access to an additional little area up the stairs through the western style doors. What’s there we’ll leave for you to find out. Also, after the village raid cutscene you will wake up during the night in a ravaged and destroyed Grasspoint on fire. Last but not least, we kept improving the post process and colors of the levels, so that we nail down the perfect atmosphere for each level.

Animations – This week, we continue the work on animations. We added a new animation – an improvement from the previous – to Brianna and Sabine holding hands in the Avoch cutscene. We also added new face animations for Darick and Brianna in the Farmlands exploration and Avoch cutscenes. And lastly, we improved on Brianna’s baked physics a bit as well.

Others – Some miscellaneous stuff that we also did this week was change some of the hair colors of the NPCs in Avoch. We added a skip button for the cutscenes in Iragon, both for VR and 3rd person – for VR you can skip from the Pause Menu. In the Experimental hall we added girls with different breast sizes and we also put a feedback question about it after you play the game, so that we better learn what our players’ preferences are.

Post Process and Sky – This week we decided to do some recoloring in a few different levels, so that they have a better atmosphere and feel. We changed some post processing settings in the Village level before and after you’ve entered the Tavern. We also changed some skies, added a custom post process to some of the rooms in the Experimental hall and a few other places.

Animations – What makes a cutscene look good is good animations. We continue working on our animations, polishing them, creating new ones and adding them to our scenes. This week the Avoch cutscene got some new animations, some new particles, physics and last but not least face animations for Darick.

Outfits and Materials – We made new materials and textures for the outfits of the Avoch town people, both the male and female civilians. We also did some improvements on the destructible clothing for the warrior girls.

New Art and Others – We’ve been reworking the camp area level to make it more cozy, romantic and delightful. We moved the blacksmith and the upgrades shop towards the exit of the level. We added new art and decorations, a whole new campfire with new fire crackling sounds and effects. Apart from that, we added chapter images for each chapter of the story. Some are finished and some are still placeholders.

Beta Announcement – From this week on we’ll be uploading the Beta version of Iragon that we’ve been working on for a while. That means that we are finished with the Demo and are no longer gonna work on it. The beta follows the full story of the game logically, but keep in mind that not everything works as smoothly, lots of bugs can occur and a lot of things are still unfinished and work in progress.

You will still be able to access the Experimental hall after you finish the last level where we are going to continue showing you new work in progress stuff that we plan on adding in the game.

Experimental Hall Rearrangement – Since we are showing a lot of work in progress stuff, we decided to rearrange the Experimental Hall, so that we can have more room. You will find one of the side halls has a sign that says “WIP Content” and in there you’ll see the different rooms. Since we’re working on the full game now, we’ll have a lot of new stuff to show in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

New Outfit Variations – And in the new Work in Progress section in the “Models” room, you’ll be able to see some outfit and color variations of our lovely ladies that you will be able to meet later in the full game.

More Work in Progress – As you know, we are currently polishing the demo for Iragon, that’s why our changelogs are so scarce, as there are mostly bug fixes that don’t need to be mentioned in detail. However, we keep adding new models and outfits in the Experimental hall’s Work in progress section. This week we’re displaying Brianna’s new sexy outfit that is still missing textures. And the new female model from last week, now has textures and materials.

Also, in the Warrior girl Damage states room you can see some work in progress animations for some of the town citizens that we are planning for the full game. Some of the models are duplicated because we are still working on them. 

Moving Clouds – I don’t know if you ever looked up at the skies in Iragon, but if you did, you would notice that the clouds are actually moving. We wanted to adjust and improve them a little, so we made materials for them and sped them up, so that the movement is more noticeable. 

Work in Progress – In the Work in Progress section that you go to after you finish the demo, you’ll be able to see one of our new female models, her outfit and all of that, however still missing materials. You will also see Erika’s new armor outfit now textured.

More Physics – Like we mentioned in previous logs, we are working on nailing down the physics throughout the whole demo and this week we made hair and boob physics for the secretary in the very first cutscene and hair and cape physics for the mage girl that follows you in the last level.

New Outfit –  We can show only very little from our work on the full game and today in the Experimental Hall’s Work in Progress area, you can check out a brand new outfit for one of the beautiful ladies. Currently, doesn’t have materials and textures, but stay tuned for that in future changelogs. 

Physics and Animations – Continuing with the animations and physics update – this week we worked on adding face animations to our main character – Darick. You can see his now a lot more expressive face in most of the cutscenes in the game, and yes, including the intimate cutscenes. And soon we will start working on adding face animations to him everywhere else. 

Gameplay Improvements – Apart from a lot of bug fixing, we also try to improve gameplay by making various adjustments. We added a health bar to the wolves that you get to fight, as well as floating damage text. This is all very minor, but hopefully it improves your gaming experience. 

New Hair Model – As you know, the Experimental Hall that you go to after you finish playing the demo shows you some of the things that we are currently working on for the full game. Right now, in the Work in Progress area you can see a new hair model that we made. It is going to be the new hairstyle for one of our lovely Iragon ladies, but which one? That’s a secret for now. 

Physics and Animations – As usual, we worked on adding better hair and boob animations, that you can see in all of the intimate scenes in the game. We’ve also been working on polishing/cleaning the animations, so that they look natural and beautiful. We’ll let you be the judge of that, but more work is needed. 

Models Rework – We made new outfits for some of our villager girls. You can see different color variations and new accessories like the headscarf. We also retextured some small assets to better fit our art style. They are a bucket, a pitchfork and a yoke for now. 

General Fixes – The changelogs have been quite short these days, because we are mostly polishing the content we have in the Demo. From animations to gameplay and bug fixes, we’re trying to make it all look and feel delightful.

Intimate Scene Rework – similar to last week, we wanted to improve the main intimate interaction in the demo – the camp scene. That’s why we decided to rework it fully. We changed, added and removed camera shots and angles and we’re excited to show you the changes and hear your thoughts.

Intimate Scene Rework – We weren’t quite happy with the Rogue girl scene in the Experimental Hall, so we decided to add a few new shots to make it longer and hopefully more delightful. As well as a few technical fixes.

Physics – We’ve been struggling with hair, boob and other physics for quite some time now, and we are happy to say that we are getting closer to making them absolutely delightful. You can see the new and improved hair and boob physics in the Experimental Hall intimate scenes. 

New Character – We mentioned our work on the new character – the Dark Elf. We’ve made some progress on him – his armor is now fully textured, we also made slight adjustments to his skin, hair and height. You can check him out in the Experimental Work in Progress area. 

New Character Changes – If you remember the dark elf that we put in the Experimental Hall a couple of weeks ago, he now has textures on his skin, hair and eyes. 

Village additions – We added a greybox model of a new sign for the Tavern. We wanted it to be seen from afar, so that when you get the objective to find the tavern, you’ll know exactly which building it is. 

Intimate Scene Changes – We keep working on the sex scenes for every girl in the game. We made some shots longer, changed some camera angles.

General Fixes – This build we were mostly fixing bugs with the character models, with the levels, collision fixes and with everything else you can think of both in 3rd person and in VR.

Experimental Hall – We gave different outfits, hair and eye colors to the slave girls, so there is now a bigger variety to choose from. Also in the “Work in Progress” section we added a Dark elf model, who is going to be a part of the full game story, here you can only check out what he looks like.

Village Level – We added a sign on the tavern in the village. It’s called “The dog and the duck” so now it will be easier for players to find it.  

Intimate Scene Changes – We reworked all of the intimate scenes in the game, starting with the sex scene in the camp area to all of the scenes in the Experimental hall. So you can now go around and enjoy the new experiences. 

VR Improvements – We made some adjustments to the spell inventory in VR that will now hopefully be more comfortable for players. We also added a cool dying sound. 

New additions in Experimental Hall – We added some new features and changes in the experimental hall. The inn bedroom that’s in the first corridor to the left now has a pretty, intimate scene with the Rogue Girl. The slave girls in the dungeon got different outfit types. And in the crossbow room in VR, we added a trail to the crossbow bolt, so that you can see it better. 

Unified Build – Our programmers came up with a solution to have both builds (VR and 3rd person) in a single, smaller in size file. When you download Iragon, you will see 2 exe files, one for VR and one for 3rd person. 

New Weapon – Remember the axe you can unlock after scavenging some chests? Well we have a brand new model for it as well as cool new animations for swinging it, so make sure you unlock it, to check it out. 

Changes in Experimental Hall – The experimental hall got a few improvements made to it, such as better lighting and better art for the ceilings. We added a skylight in the main room that separates the corridors to brighten things up. The corridor ceilings got new chandeliers and a prettier design.

Warrior Girl Black Outfit – If you remember the rogue looking girl in the experimental level, you will notice something different about her. She used to wear a red outfit but we decided black suits her better.  

Warrior Girl Previews – Before entering the chambers of each of the warrior girls you will see a quick preview of them. They will show off their looks to spike your interest before having the chance to interact with them. You can find them in the experimental hall. 

Switcheroo – The perky pink haired Erika has been in the spotlight as the romantic interest for a while now and we think it’s time to give someone else a chance. Enter Jenna. The dark haired bombshell will be taking center stage to see if the players like spending their time with her, more than they do with Erika.

New Outfit – With Jenna taking the place of Erika, she also needs a skimpy outfit to change into when she wants to get more comfortable and intimate with Darik. So we redesigned Erika’s skirt outfit to match Jenna.

Succubus music – The succubus scene is getting some love again and is starting to reach its intended look and feel. With music to set the tone and sound effects to enhance the action.

New Slave Girls Outfit – We know that everyone likes naked girls, but we think that we should at least have the option to give them some clothes. So we made a little outfit for her to wear if she ever needs to.

Experimental Hall – We’ve replaced the old experimental room with a whole new level that we call the Experimental Hall. Unlike the old experimental level, it has full art and each room has a different style. The rooms with combat look like a training room, the rooms where you can have sex look like bedrooms and the ones with slave girls look like slave rooms.

Demon Girl Sex in VR – In VR you now have the option to have sex not only with Erika, but the demon girl too. You just have to reach the last camp and have sex with Erika first.

Combat Improvements VR – We have made some improvements to the combat in VR. Enemies should no longer be running in circles around you. We also changed some attacks that were hard to parry with easier ones.

Recruiter Animations – We’ve made some improvements to the animations of the recruiter from the start of the game.

Skeletons to Soldiers – Erika is now being attacked by soldiers as opposed to skeletons when you first meet her. This ties in with the conversation you have with her.

Demon Girl Follower – The demon girl not only had a slight change, making her horns a different color, but she is also now the follower that you find in the last level. She will help you out with enemies by shooting spells at them, much like the girl that she replaced.

New Loading Screens – There are three new loading screens with different scantily clad girls for you to enjoy while waiting for the next area to load.

Matching Skin Color – We made improvements to the face and body skin color materials of the girls. Hopefully that will help us never mismatch their skin tones ever again. 

Village Sky Improvements – We have changed to the new sky in the village level to make it feel more real.

New Village Sky – There is a new sky with moving clouds and all the bells and whistles in the Village level. You can also see it while in the main menu.

Damaged Rogue Girl – The new rogue girl in the experimental level has gotten a few different stages of damage.

Performance Optimization – We are still working hard to improve the performance in each level. Fixing materials, changing event logic and many other developer tricks that have hopefully made the game run better for players.

No more placeholder lines – All the lines that were there as placeholders were replaced with lines recorded by professional voice actors. This includes your first interaction with Erika, the lines for the soldiers that are blocking your way on both ends of the village and the climbing scene with Erika.

New Hair Colors – We made a bunch of new hair colors for most of the girls, in case we decide to change their style at some point. You can see them in the Experimental level.

New Hair Accessory – The warrior girl has decided to accessories a bit and she got a new piece for her hair. It’s something like a crown or something you might see a Valkyrie wear.

Demon Girl Sex – We’ve added a new experimental sex scene minigame where you fuck the demon girl. In this one you also have the option to toggle her clothes on and off.

New Portals – The portals that we used looked okay, but after optimizing them for performance they were a bit ruined. So we gave them a new look. We also plan on using them for the last level of the demo in the future.

Succubus Scene Fixes – After reworking the Succubus cutscene there were a lot of bugs as a result. We have fixed some of them and are working on polishing the scene even more.

New Girl in Experimental – There is yet another new girl being introduced to the experimental level. She looks like a rogue, which makes her quite different from the other two who looks like a warrior and a demon.

Cutscene Music – Both cutscenes between the first two combat levels now have music added to them.

Girls in Camp – We added a few of the girls we have to the last camp.

VR Blowjob changes – The VR blowjob in the experimental level has been changed. You are now sitting on a bed.

VR Succubus cutscene changes – The succubus cutscene rework has been touched up a bit and some of the problems have been fixed.

New Soldier Lines – We added new voice lines to the soldiers in the tavern and in the village. The ones in the village are more talkative and have four lines that play at random when you bump into them.

A New Cutscene – We made a new cutscene at the end of the first level with combat to smooth out the transition into Darik and Erika climbing the cliff to the next level. 

Warrior Girl 2 – A second sexy warrior girl has joined the Iragon family. She is also found in the experimental level and has several damage states and a bunch of color variations. Not only that. This one also has horns.

Slave Girls – Also in the experimental level, we have added quite a few slave girls. Some are locked up in cages, some are tied up to tables and poles and some are just sitting there for you to go say hello.

Optimization – More improvements have been made regarding performance. The most visible one is that you will hopefully no longer see the assets in levels load and render as you play.

VR Cutscene Changes – Both the first and last cutscenes of the game have been changed in VR. In the first, you get less cuts and more things to watch throughout. The last cutscene is in the process of being almost completely reworked. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

Roaming NPCs – Two soldiers have been added to the village to add more life. For now, they just walk around the streets, but we plan on adding a bit more character to them later on.

Warrior Girl Clothing – The warrior girl has gotten some outfit upgrades. We made a bunch of different color variations and a few states of damaged and partially destroyed clothes for her.

New Snowy Trees – To make the transition between the first and second combat levels smoother we added some new trees that are partially covered in snow.

Optimization – We have started making changes to the levels, materials and code to make the game run as smooth as possible on all machines that can run it in the first place.

Combat changes – Fighting lots of enemies at once now works a bit differently. If you are against a big group, they will come to fight you two at a time, the rest will stay at a bit of a distance. The ones who are waiting will have their guard up and you will do very little damage to them until you kill the ones that are fighting you at that moment. We made it work this way so that you can’t just kill the ones that are waiting while they are not trying to fight you.

Experimental Girl – We are working on another girl for the village, but she’s not ready to be fully implemented yet. You can find her in the experimental level.

Sunbathing Girl – The sunbathing girl has been replaced with another girl who is a bit more dressed. She still needs to be retextured, so look forward to that.

Villager Girls – There are new girls who moved into the village. Some of you might remember them from a way older build. One is standing around near one of the houses and if you bump into her, she talks to you a bit. The other is near the tavern.

Profiling & Optimization – We have known for a while that we have a problem with low fps in quite a few places throughout the game and we finally started working on improving that. Most levels have been profiled and we have pinpointed the issues that we need to fix. Some of them have already been worked on a bit and a bunch are still on the waiting list. We are also making a plan on how to handle level streaming which should significantly improve performance. All of this takes a lot of time and effort so please be patient. We will keep you updated on how things are going and which parts of the game have seen improvements in fps.

Sex Improvements – The sex scene is becoming more and more interactive and turning into something like a minigame. You will see a progress bar that fills up as you pleasure the girl. As it fills up you will unlock new positions that make her go faster and faster, until she can’t take any more. 

Parry Tutorial – Right after finishing the spell tutorial, you will now go through parry training. You will have to parry the attacks of some skeletons. But don’t worry, since this is the first time that you will have to do this, time will stop as they attack so that you can position your sword correctly.

Sunbathing Girl – A new girl has shown up in the village and it seems that she really enjoys sunbathing almost naked at the lake. 

Tutorial Level Art – The spell/parry tutorial level now has art. You will get to learn how to fight and enjoy the scenery.

Portal Changes – The portals that stop you from progressing before you complete a certain task have a new look.

Parry System – The parry system from the experimental level is graduating to being a fully implemented feature in VR. You will be able to stop an attack from an enemy by using your sword to block and then making a counter attack. Soldiers with shields will be especially tough because they will take minimal damage while they have their shields up. So a well timed parry will be the best way to get a melee attack in.

New Sounds & Visuals – The first two combat levels are looking and sounding more finished than ever. We have added music and sound effects to the levels, as well as some particles and camera effects in third person. The first combat level also has a new post processing volume.

VR Damage Indicator – Taking damage in VR is now more obvious than ever. When you get hit, your game will flash red to make sure that you know that you are taking damage.

Repeating Lines – After you hear all the dialogue from an optional NPC and talking to it again, you will be treated to a short line instead of having to listen to the whole conversation again.

Warrior Girls – In the Experimental level you can now find three familiar girls in new and unfamiliar outfits. We are trying out some skimpy warrior outfits with cape physics.

Test Spells Changes – The new spells in the Experimental level are also changing. You no longer use a crossbow to shoot out magical arrows. You now fire spells out from your hands. The lightning spell now chains from the enemy that you hit to other enemies that are nearby. It also causes an impulse of force at the location of impact, pushing objects around. And there is now an arc that shows you the trajectory that your fire and ice spells will travel, so that you can more accurately aim your shots.

Interactive Sex – We are working towards making the sex scenes more interactive. In the third person sex scene you can now control how fast you have sex and you can touch her all over and listen to her moan. In VR you can play with her boobs while you have sex, just like in your previous interactions with her.

IntermediateB improvements – The second combat level finally has art for the cave at the end and proper lighting. The art for the cave also carries over to the next level. It’s finally reaching its finished state.

Sky improvements – Many of the levels have new and improved skies, with moving clouds and a view of distant mountains.

Spell tutorial – We made a new tutorial for using the spells. It’s more compact than the last tutorial, in terms of space, but should cover all that you need to know.

Spell Blocking in VR – Since we are working on a parry mechanic, we thought that it’s only fair that you have a way to stop spells that are flying at you as well. Hitting a spell with your sword will now destroy that spell. Of course, you still have the option to side step out of the way too.

Experimental Level – We decided that often things that we are working on are not yet ready to be added in the game, but we add them anyway, so we can see what you think about them. That’s why we made a special level for those of you who not only want to try out Iragon, but also want to test things that may not yet be in good enough shape to be implemented. After playing through the game once, a new button that says “Experimental” will be unlocked in the main menu. That button will take you to a level where you can test such things. For now it will only be available in VR because all the things that we have to test are in VR. The next two features can only be tested there.

Parrying in VR – We are working on making it possible to parry melee attacks from enemies with your sword in VR. If an enemy swings at you and you block the attack with your sword, you won’t take any damage and it will leave an opening for you to make a counter attack. For now this is only in the Experimental level.

VR Spells Rework – We are working on making each spell more unique. You can test things that we are trying out in the Experimental level.

Continue Game – We finally implemented one of the most suggested features. A Continue Game option in the menu. You no longer have to finish the game in one sitting. Stop playing when you feel like it and next time choose Continue Game from the main menu. There are still some issues that need to be ironed out, but it won’t be long until it will work just as you imagine it.

Erika voice acting – We finally got some new lines recorded by the voice actress for Erika. There are still some placeholder lines, but this should help her feel like a more consistent character.

Wrapping up NPCs – We fixed the last few issues with the soldier NPCs in the village. Their necks no longer bend weirdly and their heads are no longer too small for their bodies. I guess they are pretty much done.

Optional quests – Optional quests and objectives are now in a blue color to help the players know which objects and NPCs they have to interact with and which ones they can choose to skip.

Finished IntermediateA – The first combat level is finally finished. It starts off in an Autumn environment, like the village, and slowly starts transitioning into a snowy mountain as you go higher at the end.

Last level sounds – The last level of the game has entirely new music and ambient sounds.

Blob shadows – The first two cutscenes, at the start of the game, now have simple blob shadows under the characters.

VR Succubus – The succubus cutscene at the end of the demo can now be experienced in VR.

Death animations – Darick can now be killed in a variety of different ways. Every time an enemy kills you, you get a little scene where they finish you off.

New Bloodlock – The magic walls that keep you from leaving the last combat area before you kill all the enemies have a new look.

New enemy color scheme – All enemy soldiers are now in a red / gold color scheme to help distinguish the good ones from the bad. Skeletons are still the same color though. They look pretty evil as it is.

Better Boob Physics – We have made changes to the boob physics to make interacting with them feel more real.

New level art – The two levels after the tutorial have new art and are starting to take shape. The last level also har art improvements, including lighting, particles and landscape.

NPC changes – Sewell, Ewald, Gintas, the Tavernkeep and the Lone Soldier now have facial animations and the Group Soldier will soon follow. Most NPCs have new idle animations and their interactions are viewed from new camera angles.

New tutorial – Part of the combat and controls tutorials are now at the start of the village level. You will have to break destructables, jump over an obstacle and dodge attacks from wolves. The spell tutorial is still after the village.

Sounds – There are new sound effects for the lightning spell and for the destructable stone walls.

New start, last level – To make the transition between levels feel better, we made the last level start with the ending cave of the previous level.

Improved jumping – Jumping in third person has been changed to feel less “floaty”. Also, when you jump from a high place, the ground will now shatter beneath you.

New Erika hair – Erika has a new haircut with a bow on it.

New spell selection – The spell selection menu has been made way simpler and hopefully easier to use. Previously we had a weapon wheel that you select from with the mouse. Now you just click “Tab” to switch between spells. A small icon at the top left of the screen shows you what spell you have currently selected.

Intermediate Level Changes – The first combat level after the tutorial is now split in two and has some changes in the landscape and overall design. The first part ends in front of a great big mountain and the second part starts you on top. The second part also ends with you entering a cave and jumping down a big  hole.

New look for the NPCs – The NPCs in the village and tavern have new faces, new hairs and different hair colors. Hopefully this, combined with their different armors and heads, will make them unique and distinct enough.

Enemy sounds – The enemies now make sounds when  swinging a weapon, dying and getting hit. 

VR Intro – The flythrough scene from the very beginning of the game has been implemented in VR. However, we can’t have you flying around in VR because it might make you dizzy. So we just teleport you to a few locations of the village.

New interactions – There is now a third interaction with Erika in the camp.

Introducing April – April is a girl that you meet in the combat level. She casts ice spells and helps you out. And now, you can find her in the camp along with Erika.

Hard skip – We added a “hard skip” for some conversations, for those of you who have already heard it and would rather skip it completely. Holding the left mouse button will skip to the next choice or to the end of the conversation, if there are no choices.

No more mannequins – All the generic mannequin NPCs have been replaced. They are now either wearing armor or a variety of three different outfits.

New chests – The chests got a rework. They now look different, shake around while unopened and there are more of them in the world.

New hands – We have added new hands in VR. That includes new models and textures.

Lip syncing – We have added lip syncing to the recruiter from the beginning of the game.

Damage text – Landing a hit on an enemy will now display the amount of damage that you dealt above its head.

New tutorial – With the new combat systems we needed to make new tutorials and here they are.

Skip button – You can now skip dialogue just like you can in a regular visual novel.

VR spell levels – All spell types now have different effects with each level. For example the first level fire spell just shoots a fireball. The second level causes the fireball that you shoot to split into smaller fireballs after it hits an enemy. And the third level does all that and causes a fire to start where the spell landed, damaging enemies in that fire.

Third person combat – We have started reworking the third person combat system so that it reflects the way it works in VR. The spells are changing both in functionality looks.

Art for combat level – The combat level is starting to take shape. Art has been added to most of the level, including the guard tower at the start.

NPC short hairs – Our modular NPCs now have the option of having very short hairs. Most of them are not very flattering. (added in functionality but not yet in the build so you decide if you use this)

Voice acting – Since some parts of the story are mostly final now, we have started getting actual voice actors to record the lines for some NPCs. The recruiter, Sewell, Ewalld, Gintas, the Tavernkeep and the two soldier NPCs in the tavern now have new voices.

Tutorial music – The tutorial level now has music accompanying it.

Village lake – The last bridge before the village now goes over a lake that leads to a big waterfall.

New loading screens – There are three new loading screens. One with two girls in a suggestive pose, one with a soldier and one with a skeleton.

New VR Combat System – The combat system in VR has been completely reworked. Spells now hover in front of you and you grab them with your hands. Then you can throw them at your enemies. Melee weapons have a better overall feel to them and they can be holstered to your sides. Throwable knives are also holstered to your arms. Health is now restored with collectables. Your enemies will also behave differently to fit in better with the new combat system.

Erika’s new outfit – Our lovely Erika has picked out a new outfit. You can find her wearing it in your second interaction with her in the camp. If she likes what choices you make when talking to her, you will also get to experience the new animations and sounds for her progress bar.

New main menu – The time has finally come. Our simple placeholder main menu has been replaced with a new and improved one.

Village – The Village level is reaching its final stages. There has been more art implemented, some new rock textures and some new signs. Although the signs still don’t have materials and textures.

NPC changes – The soldiers now have a variety of skin colors and new hand textures.

Script Changes – There have been a bunch of changes to the script. Some minor, some a bit more substantial. One of the bigger ones is that the Tavernkeep’s tipsy friend Dudly no longer chips into your conversation.

Succubus makeup – The succubus has some new makeup that she wants to show off.

Flythrough Art – The intro scene of Iragon used to take place in a graybox version of the first level. That’s no longer the case and it is filled with art. Hopefully that helps set the mood for our adventure.

More Flythrough Improvements – Some major changes have been made to the flythrough introduction of Iragon. They mainly consist of camera cuts that aim to give it a more cinematic feel.

NPC Facial Hair – To add more diversity to the NPCs in Iragon we gave them facial hair that is unique for each and one of them.

More Village Art – We’ve continued making improvements to the first playable level. More art has been added, especially around the village itself, to give it more life. Small things like gardens, plants, fences and others can now be found when exploring it. 

Tavern Art – The fantasy tavern you enter after exploring the village now has art. It has interior decorations and the new armoured soldiers are now there too. You can find them sitting in the tavern and talking. 

Love Progress Bar – When you interact with Erika you will now notice a love progress bar. It will fill up gradually after every correct choice you make when you talk with her.

Village Art – The first playable level of the game finally got some art. We settled on an autumn look complete with lots of fallen leaves, mushrooms and everything you have come to expect from autumn levels. It still has some graybox elements, but this is, no doubt, a big step in what we think is the right direction.

Village Skybox – Apart from the Village level itself, we also added a new skybox. It shows a sunset over some distant mountains.

Paige rename – The pink haired damsel in distress that you meet on your adventures has a new name. We decided that Erika would suit her better than Paige. So from now on, don’t be confused when we mention the name Erika.

Erika, a lover and a fighter – Erika now fights alongside you after you find and help her. You can instruct her to either draw her sword and face the enemies with you head on, or use her ice spells to support you from a distance.

New interactions with Erika – There are a few new intimate interactions with Erika in the camp. Not only will you get to have a conversation with her, but if you make the right choices you get to kiss her. You will also get to Touch her in a few places and see how she reacts.

Erika, animations & emotes – With the new interactions with Erica, it’s no surprise that she has quite a few new animations. She also has two new emotes that pop up over her head to show you that you can interact with her.

Flythrough Improvements – With every build we try to make the intro of Iragon more and more pleasing and cinematic. We make camera adjustments until we get the result we want. For that we also wanted to improve the overall feel of the village by adding a new skybox that is still work in progress. 

Bridges Rework – The very first area that the player starts his journey in has been reworked. The bridge from the Military academy that goes to the village has been reconstructed and textured. Another one of the bridges you will have to cross further in the game has also been reworked.

New Art – The first level for our cutscene – the interview room in the Military Academy now has Art and looks much more pleasing to the eye. What is more, our lovely boss succubus has a concept art illustration that has been added as a Loading Screen to the game. 

NPCs and Quest Changes – We added 1 new NPC in the village and 2 new NPCs in the tavern. All of whom you can talk to to get a richer idea of the story and the world of Iragon. The NPC that follows you around further in the game is now able to fight back your enemies with a sword. What is more, there is a new main quest in the tavern as well as a few optional ones that you can attend to after you take on the main quest. 

New Romantic Animations – It seems like our boy Darick’s luck is on tonight. We have new sexy animations for the lovely girl you meet along the way. Darick might just be able to get to first base, you never know! And when Paige gives him a kiss, heart particles of cuteness explode around her. 

Saving Paige – The lovely page is now in a more threatening situation when Darick finds her. She is surrounded by soldiers who seem to have some naughty ideas about what to do with the poor girl. Thankfully, you are there to save the day.

Succubus – We have a new challenger coming to face Darick and this one is sexier than any other. The succubus is a shapely demon, driven by lust and out for blood. There is also a new cutscene with her where she makes short work of the soldiers that Darick was previously struggling with.

New Paige animations – Our lovely damsel in distress, Paige, has some new animations which will be used in an intimate cutscene a bit later on.

New kissy faces – Speaking of intimate. Paige also has now facial morph targets that allow her to make kissy faces. You can use your imagination to figure out what we plan on doing with those.

Removed Grappling – Starting off the year with a bang. Grappling will no longer be a mechanic in Iragon. We know that this is a big change, but we’ve decided that It often separates the gameplay into swinging sections and everything else and we want it to all feel like one big experience. This change will also free up a lot of time to work on the rest of Iragon and allow us to deliver a better, tighter game.

Two new NPCs – Introducing the two new (minor) characters to the Iragon family. First, we have Sewell, a villager in Balmoros who you can find somewhere in the village. He may be a bit drunk and under the weather, but he still has time to help out Darick. Second, we have the Tavernkeep. Unsurprisingly, he is found behind the bar in the tavern. Similar to Sewell, he helps out our protagonist by giving him some friendly advice.

New level – After finishing the tutorial you will be treated to a new level. Although it is still in a graybox state, it feels and plays great and we hope that you love it.

New intro – After starting your adventure you will now be treated to a flythrough that shows Balmoros better than ever before.

New soldier armors – The armor smiths of the world have worked hard to introduce new armor for the soldiers that you will encounter.

New Buttons – Lastly, we have some new buttons for that display your choices in conversation.

–  Main Menu – We gave the main menu of the game a new background – a pretty landscape of the village. As well as a bit more cinematic fly-through intro to the beginning of the game. 

– Level Improvements – The interview room where Darick begins his journey has gone through some layout and rescaling changes.

– The tavern’s layout in the village level has been improved to fit the world better and it still stays in graybox. After cutscene there finishes, you are free to explore the village some more as it has been extended. You don’t have to worry about getting lost because we added road signs to guide you. And if you feel like practicing your new fighting skills, there are some scarecrows around that you can hit. 

– Character Improvements – We added new shadows to our characters that look better and are more realistic. 

Whenever you meet a new companion they will now follow you to your destination instead of running away from you. 

At the end of the demo you’ll get to fight the new model of the boss mages – the Crow Knight. 

– Fixes – Some major and some minor bugs were fixed, as well as some texture fixes and others. 

– Level rework – For this build we have reworked the demo’s first level. The village area is a lot more spacious and the military academy that Darick wants to join is a fort on top of a hill that looks badass and impenetrable.

– Sky Sphere – The village level now has a sky sphere that replaces the skybox with a beautiful twilight sky. Still a work in progress but soon to be finished in future builds.

– More Destruction – We have added 3 new types of destructibles because it is just so satisfying to destroy thi ngs. We have also improved them and the already existing ones with sounds and particles upon breaking. 

– Small improvements – some of the minor but important elements have been improved and added: A new interaction prompt; game cues/signs are better visible now; we paid attention to detail and added more signs that signify some parts of the game like the tavern and others; grappling targets have a new, more noticeable prompt. 

– Bug fixes and WIP – Some minor and some major bugs were fixed. The cutscenes are constantly being worked on and improved.

In Virtual Reality:

– Tutorials, all text cues and prompts now pop up from a simple but elegant menu on your VR hands. This fixes the annoying floating text in the air that moves every time you look in its direction. 

– More bug fixes. 


– The village level now has an awesome military base, which is the place where Darick hopes to get accepted. What is more, we put up a new beautiful skybox that you may notice in the distance. 

– We have a new enemy that’s replacing the blond-haired peasants. So no more slaughtering of innocent people. Instead, you’ll be fighting against our new pal, the skeleton. 

– A few changes that you may notice when you set up camp: If you want to talk to one of our pretty girls, a prompt with a key to press will pop up when you walk up to them. You will also notice changes to the dialogue menu when you talk to one of them. 

– Some adjustments to the tutorial are also in place: Instead of having to break 10 boxes in the combat area, we reduced them down to 5. Also, the final stage of the grappling area has been extended. 

– Other changes are quite minor and include bug fixes and small adjustments. 

In Virtual Reality: 

– The interview room in the beginning of the demo now has a few interactive objects that you can pick up. 

– We added a vignette effect that will hopefully help some players reduce their motion sickness while moving and mostly while swinging. 

New level – The demo needed one more level that will be dedicated to the combat tutorial and we made one. It’s between the swinging tutorial level and the level where you fight the mages.

New combat tutorial – We felt that the combat tutorial in the demo was not good enough, so we made a new one. It takes place the new level, right after the swinging tutorial level. It will teach you how to fight with your swords in close quarters combat and how to use every different type of spell.

Loading screen girls – Our loading screens are slowly becoming populated with images of sexy girls in suggestive poses.

Updated Gallery – As promised we have done quite some work on our gallery and it now gives you access to scenes of the girls in а seductive manner.

Demo – The past few and the next few weeks are dedicated to making a demo for Iragon. It will be used to showcase what the game has to offer and how it will play. All the other things in this changelog are not for a playable builds that we share with you, but instead for the demo.

Interview room level skeleton – The interview room is where the story will start and will show you the beginning of Darick’s journey.

Village level skeleton – The village is a calm and beautiful place where the players will first gain control over Darick and will get a feel for the controls.

Tavern level skeleton – Some of the more notable new sounds are those of the collectables, the chest opening and the prompt sounds. You might also notice that when you upgrade a spell, you get a sound corresponding to the type of spell.

Grappling level skeleton – This is a bit self-explanatory. It’s where you learn to grapple with the help of another tutorial.

Combat level skeleton – The combat level is where you will face your first real combat challenge and will have to fight a bunch of enemies.

Movement/controls tutorial – As mentioned before, this will be in the village level and will teach you the very basics. Just so you can get a feel for how the character controls in this world.

Combat tutorial – The combat tutorial takes place in two locations. First in the tavern and then, later on, in the combat level, alongside the magic tutorial. This will teach you how to fend for yourself when faced with a dangerous situation.

Magic tutorial – This tutorial will teach you how to use your spells in a safe environment and how to use them alongside the regular combat, forging you into a force to be reckoned with.

Grappling  tutorial – As with the grappling level, this is pretty self-explanatory. You learn how to swing freely, from tree to tree without falling into a bottomless pit.

Loading screens – There used to be these gaps in gameplay where you just got a black screen while the next level loads, but there was no indication that you were waiting for a new level. To stop the confusion, we have added a loading screen that has the logo and tells you that it’s loading.

Unlock item prompt – Finding an item or person in the world now shows you a prompt that tells you where you have to go to use or interact with what you have found.

Gallery – The gallery, finally got some love and a devent design. Now all we have to do is capture some nice moments from your adventure that you might want to look at and reminisce.

New sounds – Some of the more notable new sounds are those of the collectables, the chest opening and the prompt sounds. You might also notice that when you upgrade a spell, you get a sound corresponding to the type of spell. 

Rita – A new lady enters the world of Iragon. Rita can be found at the end of the demo. She is in the company of the other girls. I’d say that’s good company.

Paige’s hair – Paige got bored with her black hair and she wanted to stand out a bit more from the others. So she decided that coloring her hair hot pink is the best solution.

Entering the camp – Going to the camp at any point though the menu felt a bit off. You can’t do that anymore. Instead you have to find places all over the map where you can set up your camp if you want to upgrade your spells.

Upgrade menu – Speaking of spells, we have a new menu. It’s completely redesigned and has icons for all the spells and their upgrades. 

Locked girls – The girls in the camp are no longer all there from the start. In their place you get silhouettes to hint that they are locked. To get a girl to appear in the camp, you first need to find her out in the world and then she will grace you with her company.

Camp improvements – As for the camp itself, there are some small changes. We moved some things around and scaled things a bit better. We hope it feels nicer over there and that the feng shui is better.

Boob physics – We made some changes to the way boobs interact with your hands in VR. Hopefully now it’s a pleasant enough experience that will provide our players with endless boob touching fun.

Makeup – The girls from the gang had a ladies night out and came back with some changes. Other than Paige’s new hair and the new girl, Rita, they all got new makeup. We think that they were pretty as they were, but you know, girls will be girls.

Upgrades NPC – With all the new spells and weapons and everything, things were beginning to turn into chaos. Hopefully, with our new friend, who we lovingly named, the upgrade NPC, things will be a bit more structured from now on. Oh, I’m just kidding. That’s not his name. It’s the spell dude, or Dan the upgrade man. Okay, we’ll get back to you with the final name. The point is that you can now go to this particular NPC for all your upgrade needs.

Potential love interests – There sure are a lot of girls hanging around in the camp and if you play your cards right and choose the correct approach for each of them, you can get them to show you a good time. That is, do a sexy little dance for you. For now the system is quite primitive, but we will show it some love in the near future and it will become quite an interesting part of the game.

Dummy punching bag – Everyone thinks they’re a tough guy but have never proved it to be true. Now the people over at the camp level have it all figured out. They have a fighting dummy that shows you how much damage you do with each hit. That way you can actually prove how tough you are.

New Camp level – We really like the idea of the camp level but it was just a bit empty in its graybox state. So, naturally, we added art and made it all pretty and cozy.

Code Name Wildlander – Wildlander is the name we have given to the new costume for Darick. It looks quite different from the last costume he had. Hopefully it makes him look more like the aspiring hero he is.

Annah’s kinky side – Annah has always been the damsel in distress. But as the old saying goes “Girls just wanna have fun” and I guess it’s true. She now has an alternative outfit that’s quite a bit more provocative than her green dress.

Mana orbs everywhere! – Up to this point we had these big levels with no reason to explore them. Well that’s not the case anymore. There are mana orbs floating around the levels. Now, you may ask “But what do I need the beautiful orbs of pure magical energy for?”, and that’s a good question.

Going camping – Oh, what’s this? A camp that you can access from anywhere in the world and use to fiddle around in your inventory. What? There’s more to do in the camp! You can interact with charming young ladies in order to upgrade your spells, health and mana in exchange for the mana orbs from the last paragraph! Well isn’t that convenient?

Pause menu – No one is forcing you to go to the camp to take a breather though. You can just hit escape and go grab a coffee, use the restroom, do your daily blood sacrifice to the goat demons, check your e-mail or do whatever you want, without having to worry about the game.

Gallery – Here’s another new feature that will definitely get better with time. Talking to the girls in the camp gives you access to a gallery with pictures that will eventually be full of all the girls. So far it’s just the same picture over and over again. 

NPC – After you have obtained a good amount of mana orbs you will then be able to exchange those orbs with an NPC. You have two options: you can either upgrade your mana or your health. More mana equals more spells you can use to destroy your enemies. More health is just more health. 

Mana orbs – While on your journey you will find mana orbs in the levels that you can collect. There is no way to miss them they’re glowing and have cool particle effects. You will be able to see how many orbs you have. 

Inventory – A traveler should have a place to carry the treasures they find and the weapons they wield. This is why we have added an inventory where you can stash all the goods you get. 

Collectable weapons – Hidden in the ancient lands of Iragon lie collectable weapons that improve the fighting skills of the owner. One of these weapons is an amazing axe that will grant you melle abilities.  

Dynamic camera movement – Moving around in the world of Iragon is more immersive. With the new dynamic camera movement fighting, grappling and movement in general looks more realistic.

New tutorial level – We decided to take a new approach to the tutorial to see what works best for the players.

Spells and enchantments – We know that you might have gotten bored of just using fire to slay your enemies. Well guess what. We have a big change for you this week. All four of our current spells are available for testing now. You now have fire, lightning and ice. Unique spells, unique weapon enchantments, unique effects, unique sounds, unique everything. This ought to be a fun one.

Darick – After all this time spent playing as a blank placeholder for a main character, we finally added our protagonist. His name is Darick and he is a strapping young lad with blond hair and blue eyes. Like him or not, you have to admit that he is a huge improvement from the blank faceless expression on the placeholder’s face.

Page & Lucia – We got a bit tired of Annah being the only girl in the world of Iragon. After many long hours, it’s finally time for a big reveal. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, Paige and Lucia. Pretty faces and beautiful figures aren’t the only things that these girls bring to the table. They also have some killer dance moves. Mainly because they aren’t yet implemented into the levels properly, but you can find them dancing next to a fire right after the swinging section.

Captain – The knights are stronger and cooler than ever but they are simple foot soldiers. That means that they usually have someone guiding them and giving them orders. That burden falls on the shoulders of the captain. Like the regular knights, he is a foot soldier, but he wields a big axe and orders the regular knights around. He also boosts their morale and I assume that their pumped up battlecries pump him up as well.

Crow knight – Knights come in all shapes and sizes and it just so happens that some have crow heads. Well, crow helmets at least. For now there is only one and he is stuck in a T pose but he at least he is in the company of the dancing Page and Lucia.

Destructibles – Killing bad guys is fun and all, but what is violence without a bit of destruction to go along with it? You may not be able to hit people with tables and tables with people like in a Jackie Chan movie, but we added a little something to satisfy your destructive needs. Barrels! Destructible barrels. With sounds. Hey, it’s a start.

Baby’s first grapple – We noticed that a lot of players were having trouble the first time they encountered swinging and they were dying a bunch. And it makes sense. Players need to learn a new mechanic in an environment that does not give them much leeway for experimentation. That’s why we made the gap that they have to swing over quite a bit smaller. Hopefully this translates to an easier and more pleasant learning experience.

Soldier should be able to fight – We think that the armored soldiers in Iragon look pretty cool. However, we also think that they have no clue how to fight. So, we sent them off to knight college and they came back quite more proficient at the art of the blade. They now approach you with their shields up and once they reach you, they will try to surround you and attack you from all directions. They will also divide their forces between you and your companions who decide to put up a fight.

Mages – Bulky guys in armor is good and all, but what is a fantasy world without mages? These slippery arcane tricksters will throw fireballs at you from a safe distance and try to teleport away once you come near them.

Health bars – Mages and soldiers who can actually fight. Things seem to have gotten a bit harder but don’t worry, we have given the player a tiny bit of help too. You will now see health bars above the enemies. Hopefully this will make it easier to prioritize enemies with lower health and make fighting groups of baddies less of a threat.

Sword fighting animations – With our new combat system we needed cool new animations. So we put some in. Fighting with swords looks way better now, regardless of if you are using one sword in one of your hands or dual wielding. 

Main menu sounds – The main menu of Iragon might still be in a very early stage of its development but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t even have sound effects.

Red tree crowns – They are now red. Sounds weird but it’s true. The red tree crowns stand out way more in our snowy swinging level and it makes it way easier to plan your route of swinging. Bushes are also the same color. Hopefully that helps players realize that they can grapple to them to make their lives a bit easier.

New rocks – We have made new rocks to replace the old ones, that looked like they were pulled straight out of a game from 2005. The new rocks look way better and go a long way towards making the whole level more pleasant to look at.

Swinging level art – The first swinging level has gone through many, many changes and has stayed in graybox for far too long now. Those days are over. It is now almost entirely finished and we hope you like it.

Combat – We decided to spice up the fighting in Iragon by making it a bit more dynamic. Now you can choose between wielding a sword or a magic spell in each hand. If you feel like going full melee, just equip two swords. And if spells are more your thing use both hands to cast.

Dodge and Stagger – With new ways to fight we also needed some new mechanics to make things even more interesting. When you hit an enemy it staggers for a second, giving you a chance to reposition. If they do get to you and try to land a hit, try dodging out of the way.

Weapon enchanting – If you have a fiery spell in one hand and a sword in the other, you can choose to enchant your sword with the spell. You still keep the spell in one hand but the sword in the other is enveloped in flames.

Equipment menu – New weapon/spell loadouts means that we need a new way of selecting what to equip in each hand. That’s why we made a simple menu for each hand, with which you can change your fighting strategy on the fly.

Level changes – We have been working on a few levels that are not available in the build that we give to testers. This is not because we don’t want them to be seen. We just need time to make them nice and interesting for the players so that they are not disappointed when they finally get to play them. This time we changed the beginning of one of the levels with a beautiful cave with glowing red crystals that you can grapple to. We might have also added a few secret paths and places in there.

Swords – We have some history with swords. We had one when we first started making Iragon. Then we decided that we will only be doing spells and removed it. Well, as you might have read at the start of this changelog, we added the sword back. Not only that, but it now has a fancy new model and it looks great. The soldiers also have two new swords. Your sword also leaves a trail when you swing it.

Sounds – Oh boy, there are quite a few new sounds in the game. While walking around, you might notice that there are three new sounds for stepping on snow and three for stepping on stone. When fighting with a sword you will hear three new sounds when hitting an enemy and the sound of blood flying. And if your sword happens to be on fire, you will hear another three new sounds. Spells also have new sound effects.

Other sounds – So far I have told you about what happens when you hit an enemy, but what about when an enemy hits you? There are now sounds for Darick taking damage. And if things aren’t going well and you end up with low health, you will hear your own heartbeat and all other sounds will go numb.

Ambient – There are new ambient sounds in the cave in the beginning of one of the new levels. The cool thing is that the cave ambient makes a smooth transition into the ambient sounds from outside of the cave.

Bridge level – We have added an entirely new and pretty big level in which you talk to Annah, swing on some more trees and fight some wolves. It is still in a gray box state but it’s the beginning of an exciting new level to explore.

New sounds – There are a few new sounds added to the game, including dog barking, magical sounds, for when you cast spells and we added sounds to the runes that block your path during combat.

Animation – There are cool new animations for casting spells that are blended with the walking and jumping animations so that they look nice and smooth. Picking up crystals now also have a new animation to make it feel a little bit more special.

More art in the swinging level – The swinging section after the cabin now has even more art and is looking more and more like a finished level.

Annah has a stick – We felt bad for poor little Annah for being so defenseless, so we decided to give her a stick when you find her so she at least feels like she has something to defend herself with.

New dummies – The combat training dummies in the beginning of the game now have a nice straw suit to provide it with some protection from your attacks.

New cutscenes – We have started working on a few new cutscenes that will provide some much needed character building and story progression. One small step for Darick and Annah but one giant leap for us!

Introducing Kate – Kate is and elf that despite her young and voluptuous looks is hundreds of years old. So far she has a nice head of hair and a gorgeous outfit but, unfortunately, her face is just a copy of Annah’s for now and she doesn’t have a skin color. Don’t worry, we are getting on that a.s.a.p.

Changes on the spell system: We changed up the health and mana bars because we thought the old ones were dumb. And because everything was a bit OP, we nerfed the basic fireball spell and removed the tier 2 spell.

Changes on characters: Annah has texture and materials improved on her clothes. We also made our soldiers a bit smarter by also giving them an AI for companions.

Environment changes: Training dummies have new materials and textures, they are no longer boring.

Size matters! That’s why we decided to scale up the whole town x2 and the buildings are also higher.

The path outside of town that leads to the combat area has been entirely remade.

Darick’s parents won’t be living large in a 2-storey house anymore. The second floor has been removed and some room dividers were added in the living room.

We added a new level – The Guildhall! But it’s in grey box though. And guess what you’ll come across in the guildhall – the guildhall bar layout which is also in greybox.

Another new level in greybox – The Road to Avoch. Nothing to see on it yet, but be patient, folks.

Added art to the Floating Islands level so that it now looks a lot better and less boring.

Some waypoints and quests were added in the town, so that you don’t get lost or anything.

General changes: We made the big bad wolves even worse by adding a sound when they attack. They have a new texture as well. We also added sounds to the spell charge ups, spell hits on target and foliage sounds on the grappling trees.

A very crude combat scene has been added in the area of Darick’s hometown

New animations and cutscenes are being made and added but nothing is final and most of them are very crude.

Added collectible crystals!

There is now a crude version of a main menu.

You are now allowed to have a free will and can choose what to do next in the game.

You are going to fight some soldiers! We added combat in the gameplay and we have been constantly improving it, but it is still a work in progress.

You will also encounter your first boss fight in the level Road to Avoch.

5. Bug fixes:
– Fixed an issue where wolves appeared to be stuck in the ground.
– Fixed mana regen in VR
– Fixed not being able to start a dialogue with the other characters in VR
– Fixed an issue with the grappling targets on the ground
– Fixed taking damage in VR and enemies not seeing you
– Fixed some floating trees

One of the major changes is the script of the game. We now have a new slightly different storyline that includes new characters and some changes to the dialogue. Of course everything is still a subject to change and the voice acting is only a placeholder.

Magic system and tutorial – We decided that using magic would be more fun than running around with a big bulky sword. So now you have two fire spells that you can use and a bunch more to come. And to teach you how to use those spells we have made a handy dandy tutorial.

The staff – Magic doesn’t just happen out of thin air. Everyone knows that. So like every good magician you now have a staff to cast your spells with and as a bonus, it shows you how much mana you have left. Well… in VR at least.

Health and mana – You don’t want to run out of magic juice mid-battle. Or even worse, you could run out of health. To help you keep track of those resources we have added health and mana gauges in third person and the previously mentioned built in mana ball in your staff for VR. Mana regenerates passively over time and you can press Q to regenerate health.

Wolves – We all like dogs right? It’s all fun and games with them until one decides to try and bite your flipping face off. You now get attacked by some wild wolves while you’re on your adventure. And like it or not you will have to defend yourself against them or get turned into a class A dog food.

Battle music – Whether you decide to fight for your life or to feed the wolves your body parts, you will be accompanied by pulse raising music. Nothing like getting your ass kicked to a soundtrack.

A new and wonderful world – The levels are now surrounded by beautiful mountains, floating rocks, other islands and huge stone pillars reminiscent of the Archtrees in Ash lake from Dark Souls.

Motion capture animations – Using our fancy motion capture technology we have made new animations for the cutscenes that should hopefully make them look way more natural and less like a conversation between Amazon Alexa and Google home assistant.

New city level – You can now go further into Darick’s quest to help Annah. After the exciting swinging section you can finally get to Darick’s home town. It is still a bit empty because it is in a grey box state, but that won’t stop you from running around in it, will it?

Interior of Darick’s house – In this new level you can enter the house where Darick grew up. It is still “under construction” and needs some work. But this will do for now.

Annah’s new look – Annah got a major facelift so that people won’t be able to take their eyes off her. Of course, her new look won’t be complete without a new haircut and a new hair color.

Soldier cutscene animations – The soldier cutscene is now far more cinematic, with changing camera angles, close ups, new animations and it’s way more clear what is actually going on.

Giants – Yes giants! We have three new types of giant enemies that look wonderful. You might not get a chance to take a good look at them while they are playing golf with your head so for now they are just chilling in your path after you go through the city level.

With every new thing in the game there come new bugs to fix.

  • Removed sword. You have magic now. Who needs a sword?
  • Made sprinting a toggle so that you don’t accidentally open the Steam UI.
  • You can no longer run after Annah after the cabin cutscene.
  • You should no longer be able to get stuck under those pesky trees.
  • Some changes to the cliffs surrounding the first island.
  • There are a few new grapple targets. More swinging = more fun!
  • Swinging improvements. Better swinging = even more fun!

The environment of the first level and the beginning area after the cabin cutscene fully textured and populated with art.

Grappling Improvements – the grappling hook now corrects it’s rope height while you swing.

Added hand animations.

There have been new checkpoints added to the level after the cabin cutscene.

You no longer “float” while jumping.

Extended the level after the cabin cutscene.

Landscape has been capped with rocks.

Bug fixes and minor changes:

  • Mesh no longer floating above ground
  • The speed of shooting the hook has been slightly increased.
  • Added collision to hands
  • Added an additional island to the left of the main arch
  • Added impact sound on for when you hit leaves with the grappling hook
  • Fixed landscape issues and text in VR
  • Fixed terrain under the ruins
  • Fixed terrain issues bad foliage
  • Fixed lighting issues
  • Fixed bad foliage
  • Fixed floating tree
  • Fixed glitchy arrow in third person

Level 3 redesign – The third level, the one after the cabin, went through a complete redesign. It is currently in a greybox state, but it’s much wider, with more to explore, no invisible walls and new targets to grapple, some of which are located on the ground.

New particles – There are now particles for when you hit something with the arrow of the grappling hook.

Added feedback form – There is now an in-game feedback form which you can fill out at the end of a playthrough. This way you can more easily share your opinion with the devs.

Swinging control – There have been improvements made to the swinging control while grappling to make swinging more enjoyable.

VR hand model –  In VR there are now actual models for the player’s hands.

VR grappling hook  – You can now see the grappling hook on your arm in VR and the rope has a rewind animation after firing.

New sounds – The grappling mechanism now has sound and you can also hear the rustling of leaves when you hit them with the hook.

Hook indicator –  When a target is within range of your grappling hook your crosshair will now become green.

Bug fixes and minor changes:

  • Fixed foliage where the player could get stuck
  • Fixed tree stuck in a rock
  • Fixed getting stuck in grapple mode after respawn in third person and added a collision feature while grappling
  • Fixed Annah moving before standing up
  • Improvements to spell targeting
  • Fixed skip cutscene button for gamepad
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t attack after putting sword away in intro
  • Animation bug fixes
  • Fixed a hole in the ground where the player could get stuck
  • Fixed issue where you can skip the soldier cutscenes by jumping over a tree
  • Fixed issue where you can jump over Annah if you climb on the brick wall
  • Fixed glitchy cloud
  • Added sword sounds in VR
  • Cabin music adjustments
  • Synched voice and disappointment animation
  • Added more trees to prevent the player from going around the cabin

Changes to Annah – You do find Annah passed out in the woods but that doesn’t mean that she can’t look nice. So she now has pretty blue eyes and a whole new outfit to make her look good, even in a dire situation such as this.

Controller support – VR is awesome! And keyboard and mouse have served us faithfully for many long years. We do however realize that some people enjoy playing with a controller, so we integrated that into the game.

Additional checkpoint – Being fantasy knight Spider-man isn’t easy. It’s also not uncommon to fall to your death in this world, so we decided to add a checkpoint after the first swinging section. Now if you happen to fall at the very end of the second swinging section you won’t have to go through the entire first part, all over again.

New text background – The old background for the dialogue was a bit boring and it lacked character. That is why we stuck some rocks in there and called our best blacksmith to make a nice steel border.

Level 1 redesign – The entire level before you reach the cabin has been redesigned from the ground up. Gone are all the invisible walls that trap you in a tight glass corridor. Player is a free elf now. Go explore… Well the new level IS still in gray box, so you won’t have many interesting visuals. But that’s a small price to pay for freedom!

Swinging – Regardless of how funny swinging around in a squatting position was, we decided to make an actual swinging animation. Darick now soars through the air in a way more natural pose, reaching the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.

Hand crossbow – The days of having an arrow that magically shoots itself from your hand are long behind us now. Darick got himself a fancy new crossbow that he stuck on his hand. He uses it as a grappling hook, to swing from rock to rock.

Changes to the sky and clouds – We often stare at the sky and daydream about the awesome games that we are going to make. Fortunately, the sky in Iragon is something that we can change however we like. So we made like an airbender and shaped in a way that we find even prettier.

New sound – Don’t you just love falling to your death? No? Well at least if you do that in Iragon you will hear a nice little scream. And if you jump from a reasonable height, like from the ground, you can hear a pleasant landing sound. We also tweaked some sounds and booped others to make everything sound nicer.

Skip button for cutscenes – We realize that not everybody is into voice acting, or reading for that matter. Some people just want to go kick ass and take names, so we added a skip button for the cutscenes that you have already seen once.

Invisible wall changes – Believe it or not, we are not insane. We know that no one likes invisible walls. But they do help us a lot by keeping the game world a manageable size. Some walls were moved, some were removed and a few new ones were added. There were so many moving walls that you would think this was an ancient tomb, hiding some shiny treasure.

Bug fixes & small changes – You can no longer go on the wrong side of invisible walls. Hitting the ground with the rope still attached to a flying rock will no longer send you to sideways walking purgatory. The cabin has gotten minor interior improvements. You can no longer fall between tall trees and get stuck. And a bunch more.

There were enough bug fixes and small changes to make your head spin. Surely you don’t want to read about every little texture change and every insignificant new variable that was added to the code, do you?