Experiment Gone Rogue old

NOTE: Playing Experiment Gone Rogue will require either Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and VR motion controllers.


Experiment Gone Rogue is a sci-fi action VR game set in a dystopian future where an alien race, known as the Cirinians, have come to earth and asserted itself as the ruler of humanity. The positive public image they have created for themselves acts as a vail to hide the experiments they have been performing on us. But everything backfired for the Cirinians when they  accidentally let loose their most dangerous test subject before it was complete. Instead of being loyal to its creators, it instead turned on them and started wreaking havoc across the facility.

The game offers a motion controlled VR experience that includes:

  • Smooth locomotion and teleportation system.
  • Dynamic gunplay: use real-life movements to take cover or dodge bullets
  • Physics based punching that transfers your punch velocity into the game.
  • Various weapons with hidden upgraded versions
  • Extra prizes won via minigames
  • Multiple Boss fights
  • A virtual Go-Go bar

About the current version
Version 1.0 was made after feedback from three rounds of beta testing and is the version that we have put up on Steam. We did our best to fix all known issues and we focused on making the game as comfortable as possible for people who get motion sickness. We added a few options for things that come down to personal preference so people can set up the game in the most suitable way for them. The game now has a tutorial which will help players understand the core concepts of the game and the controls.

Credits Here
Version 1.0
Release Date Released on December 20th, 2018
Minimum System Requirements
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Oculus or Vive HMD and Motion Controllers
Operating System Windows 7 SP1 64bit, Windows 8.1 64bit, Windows 10 64bit
Memory 8GB
Graphics Nvidia GTX 970 or better
Disk Space Requirement 11.6 GB


Version 1.0  Released December 21st 2018

This Changelog includes most changes to the game from version 0.976 to version 1.0

– Two New Enemies – The Cirinians realized their foot-soldiers were not the brightest, so they engineered some smarter sergeants to lead them, Some valkyries were sent to training and came back ambidextrous – they can now wield two swords – TWICE THE Danger!

– Tutorial – We figured the players might want to experience what’s it like to train as a Cirinian, so we got access to their top secret training program, and now YOU can be as strong as them.

– 1 New Level – We came into the office one day and found out that the Cirinians have added a whole new facility to their infrastructure overnight. We’ve tried removing it, but with no luck. We’re sorry.

– Locomotion Improvements – If you’re tired of getting sick or moving at a snail’s pace, we addressed both those issues with some of our in-house handmade CODING MAGIC by adding speed options and some motion sickness related improvements.

– Interactable Physics – We felt that the dancers in the bar were lacking something important. They lacked… jiggle! With the new interactive physics you can interact with the girls in a more fun way. And there is plenty of jiggle!

– Credits – We realized you have no way of knowing who’s responsible for your adventure, so we added CREDITS.
Dancers, new facials – No matter what we tried the dancers seemed unable to experience the simple joys of life, so we sent them to an acting coach, and they can now at least fake emotions (Women! Am I right?).

– FPS improvements  – Cirinian tech seemed quite heavy on our earthly computers, so we did our best to make it run more smoothly.

Fixes & Small Changes

– Gun angle – Our office blew up with reports of weird aiming angle on Vive. Apparently the coders wrists are made out of titanium and they didn’t notice that you have to break your wrist to aim the guns. So we made them fix it.

– Hairless females – All the dancers were sent to a hairdresser to fix the nests they had on their heads. Apparently exotic dancers aren’t good at doing their own hair. Go figure.

– Demon eyes – A demon whose name only programmers know had snuck into our females and made their eyes pitch black. After multiple exorcisms we managed to get him out. He is now having tea with the programmers somewhere.

– Some new menu options – The menu seemed lonely, much like us when we had no testers, so we decided to add some new options that will help make the game more comfortable for whoever is playing.

– Lighting changes – The old light bulbs we put in were getting the job done but they weren’t blowing anyone away. That’s why we put up some new mood lighting to make some places look and feel better.

– Textures, materials and art – With the help of someone called Leonardo da Vinci, whoever that is, we tried to improve the overall look of the game.

– Textures, materials and art – With the help of some artsy fartsy people, we tried to improve the overall look of the game.

Version 0.976 – Released October 2th 2018

Is this a whole new game?

– Are you tired of teleporting like a God amongst mere mortals? Well, with the implementation of smooth locomotion you can now WALK like a regular person. Exciting, I know. But wait, there’s more.

– Snap turning. Like regular turning but snappier.

– Reinvented weapon system. Gone are the days where you just have all the guns at your disposal. You now unlock better weapons as you progress through the game.

– New Guns! And if they are not “bling” enough for you, you can now find golden versions of some weapons and best of all, they do more damage.

– Our gun manufacturer worked sleepless night to make new high tech heat bars for the weapons so you know when they are about to overheat.

– We have also added holsters so you can now carry your chosen weapons with you throughout the levels. Except in the Go-go bar. It’s for the safety of the girls.

– We took a good hard look at the flying bosses and came to the same conclusion that our beta testers came to. They are a pain in the ass and are boring to fight! So we made 2 completely new bosses with different and engaging mechanics in their places.

– We changed most of the light bulbs in the levels to a new power saving, eco friendly model which made the levels brighter and easier to see.

– In case you have ever wanted to stop in the middle of the game to file your taxes or you are just a little baby that needs to take a break, you can now pause the game.

– Guns are now held with the grip button which should be more intuitive if you have ever held a real gun… or anything else for that matter.

– A laser passing through your neighbour’s house will no longer kill you. Because the hitboxes are fixed.

– We hired a vocal coach for some of the bosses and enemies so now they sound a bit better.

– And we hired pest control to get rid of most of the bugs we previously had. Hopefully there are no more little critters crawling around.


Version 0.964 – Released July 27th 2018

Catching bugs in a net.

– Enemies clipping trough the ground? Say no more. We went back and got them reprogrammed and properly trained.

– What is more fun than punching enemies? Nothing of course, that was a retorical question. That’s why we fixed the issue where you couldn’t punch enemies. You’re welcome.

– Slow motion is out of date, we don’t know why the enemies decided it was cool, at least now they aren’t slow. We hope it stays that way.

– We fixed the bug where the dancers would rather be literally anywhere else but in your presence.

– Just a few new cosmetic touch ups, nothing important ( don’t tell them we had missing textures ).

– We want our players to experience virtual reality at it’s fullest so we decided to fix the incorrect sound virtualization. “Being a DJ is exciting” – tone def programmer.

– The sweet taste of victory, finally you conquered the final boss. YES! But then…the laser doesn’t dissapear, good thing the developers fixed it.

– We payed the Lab boss extra working hours so he can stop dissapearing and restart.

– When enemies hit you there is an added screen effect. Adds a nice combat feel.

——————————————————————————————————————–Version 0.84 – Released March 9th 2018

Optimized until frame rate 90 FPS in 99% + of the game
Bug Fixes
New secret trap door in VIP room at strip club

——————————————————————————————————————–Version 0.82 – Released February 24th 2018

Optimized until frame rate 90 FPS in about 97% of the game
Bug Fixes
Improvements to VIP room at strip club

——————————————————————————————————————–Version 0.8 – Released February 10th 2018

Optimized until frame rate 90 FPS in about 80% of the game
Bug Fixes
Animation Cleanup

——————————————————————————————————————–Version 0.75 – Released January 27th 2018

Optimized until frame rate 90 FPS in about 50% of the game
Bug Fixes
Animation Cleanup
Implemented working scoreboard for trashcan basketball game

——————————————————————————————————————–Version 0.7 – Released January 13th 2018

Integrated art components
Started Performance profiling for optimization
Merged art that was not yet included

——————————————————————————————————————–Version 0.65 – Released December 22nd 2017

Finished Polished Boss Fight
Removed Levels 4 and 5 entirely
Final Art changes for Level 2

——————————————————————————————————————–Version 0.6 – Released December 7th 2017

Crude version of Bossfight in Level 1
Improvements to art in Level 2
New Flying Scooter

——————————————————————————————————————–Version 0.55 – Released November 24th 2017

Modifications in Gameplay on Levels 4 and 5
Integration of Level 2 with outside environment
Better transitions from outdoor to indoor

——————————————————————————————————————–Version 0.50 – Released November 10th 2017

Crude Version of Levels 4 and 5
Improvements to art on Level 2
Some new props

——————————————————————————————————————–Version 0.45 – Released October 27th 2017

Enemy that gets up after falling down
70% Art Completion in Level 2
Maintenance bot is now a new flying enemy

——————————————————————————————————————–Version 0.425 – Released October 20th 2017

Improvements to AI
Re-spawning of Vehicles on Death
Destructible Floors and Bridges
Slow Motion Effects
Destructible Platforms
Cover System Game Play
GamePlay Improvements to New Level

Version 0.4 – Released October 12th 2017

New Destructible Railings and Lights
Improvements to Save System
Enemies that push you off ledges
Female enemies with armor that can be blasted off
Flying Enemies that shoot at you
New Vehicles with Speed Control To avoid Hazard
Added some sound and particle effects
Improved AI for the Enemies that fire guns at you

——————————————————————————————————————–Version 0.375 – Released October 5th 2017

Complete redo of first level with less complexity
Three new vehicle types to ride
New game mechanics for throwing grenades at moving targets
New gun type that does not overheat
New enemy AI type that hides
New hazard type to avoid while climbing 

——————————————————————————————————————–Version 0.35 – Released September 29th 2017

Added updated textures and art to enemies
Added new donuts pickup type
Added new destructible Pillars, Barrels, and crates
Simplified some parts of level 2 (Removed Ladders)

——————————————————————————————————————–Version 0.325 – Released September 22nd 2017

Added a Woman Customizing Device with Levers
Added Checkpoints to Second Map
Fixed Sound On Grenades
Simplified confusing components of initial scene

Version 0.3 – Released September 15th 2017

First Available Public Alpha Version Demo
Demonstration of controls, locomotion, weapons, destruction, and combat
About 30 minutes of gameplay split in 2 levels:
Level 1 – Locomotion and Light Combat 
Level 2 – Combat System Level