Game Prop Bed

I was so happy with the chair I did a few weeks ago, and now looking at this bed. I think it looks much better than the chair, yet I still made a bunch of new mistakes and know how to do it better next time. Progress is fun, I seem to get a little better with each model. 4 more models to go, and I am done with the interior. Here is an in-game screenshot of the bed:


Flower and Vase

After a month of no progress, I am back to it. Finishing out the level. Today I did this:

Flower and Vase: 350 Tris, two 512×512 textures


At first it felt like a waste of time. But now that I see it in the room, it really did bring the room to life. In game screenshot below.


First Decent Looking Asset

I am loving my trial version of Quixel‘s dDo!. I got some great results out of it on my last model. I didn’t model this one from scratch. I started with this chair from


It was too clean, and had too many triangles for use in a game. The final version below has the triangle count substantially reduced. And lots of scratches, dents, dirt, grime, etc added to it yet a nice varnish on it. I wanted it to look like someone picked this thing out of the garbage and saw the potential, stripped down the wood, then refinished and reupholstered it. My parents were always doing this. So I went ahead and did the same with an unloved digital chair, only I took it in reverse. I made the nice new one look old and beat up to remind me of home.

For the first time, I got pretty close to what I was aiming for.


I think it also goes well with the table in the previous post.