The Castle Part 4 – Slave Girl at the Altar Of Sacrifice

I decided to make my bridge to nowhere from the earlier post go to an altar with a slave chained for sacrifice. Character modeling is tough, and this one really took a lot. I went through about 10 versions of hair and clothing before I could come up with this:



and another version:




I am planning to put her in the middle of this fountain / altar thing and have her chained up, Not sure what else she will be doing though. I will figure that out after I rigged her.

Here is the altar where she will be chained. I need to make some cool pillars to chain her to.



The Mech – Part 3 Specular Details in the Final Mesh – Free Unity Asset Download

If anybody wants the model, you can download the .FBX and Textures at this link. I packaged it specially for Unity, but if you want to use it in something else just grab the Spec Map out of the Alpha channel of the diffuse map.:


I really wanted to make this mech look like he was made of different types of metal. A shiny chrome for the joints, a dull flat iron for some of the inner parts, etc. To achieve that I made some sharp differences in my spec map. Because my UV Islands were pretty clean, I was able to get most of this done in photoshop.

Here is the final result, with the spec map below so you can see how I got it to look like that. You can really see the sharp constrasts in lightness and darkness on the map creating the illusion of different materials used in the model.



The Mech Part 2 – Low Res

So when I finished my 10 million poly super high poly model, I decimated it down with zRemesher and then split it in half.


Since he is symmetrical I will get twice the resolution from the texture map by splitting him. It also makes optimizing much easier because you only have half the model to work with. I deleted a bunch of edge loops to get the polycount down further to game level. And ended up with a model that looks like this:


For the Unwrap, I wanted to keep my UV islands closely following the geometry of the original model. This should be a lot easier to fix when I start cleaning it up in Photoshop.


Here is my final UV Layout:


And here is what the low poly model looks like now with the first bake out of my maps before cleanup.