Anime Cute Girls – Iragon Update 45

Hello everyone, Iragon BETA v. 0.31 is live now and we are back with another monthly update video with all the changes we’ve made so far. 

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– Changelog for Beta v0.31 from 06.18.21 –

As you know, we are preparing for a Kickstarter Launch where you can leave us a follow to be notified when we launch. Until then, we have some new stuff that you’ll be able to notice. 

– First, after you leave the brothel area, you see a sequence of the soldiers who order a hit on Brianna, these soldiers now have a more sophisticated look to note their importance in the game. 

– Next, in the Experimental Hall’s WIP room, you’ll be able to see another new outfit for Erika – one of Darick’s future acquaintances. She has her normal armored outfit that you’ve already seen and the new one that is a bit more… playful. Next to her, you’ll also be able to see a WIP model for another future acquaintance – Lexi. There will also be voting questions for them at the end of the game, so that we hear your thoughts on it. 

– And last but not least, again in the Experimental Hall, you will find a portal right across from the WIP models room, inside which you will be able to test the AI for the new Female Assassins. You will also see another snippet of the Sewers level there.

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