Anime Boobs – Iragon Update 43

Hello everyone, Iragon BETA v. 0.23 is live now and we are back with another monthly update video with all the changes we’ve made so far. 

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– Changelog for Beta v0.23 from 04.16.21 –

General – In this week’s build of Iragon there has been mostly smaller changes. Starting off with the main one – we added a few new language options – Russian, Spanish and German so that those players can enjoy Iragon better. Next, we textured the new axe that you find on your journey, so that it looks proper now. And we also added voice lines to the merchant woman in camp when you do different interactions with her. 

We also did lip-syncing for the interactive girls in the Ecchi Area for when you talk to them. We moved the short dancing sequence to one of the other girls in the Ecchi Area. And in the Experimental Hall for VR, we added some reactions to the girls when you touch their boobs, so you can test those out. 

Last but not least, we decided to censor the intimate scene in the Ecchi Area because we want Iragon to be rated M for now.

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