Anime VR Boobs – Iragon Update 42

Hello everyone, Iragon BETA v. 0.20 is live now and we are back with another monthly update video with all the changes we’ve made so  far. 

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– Changelog for Beta v0.20 from 03.26.21 –

Cutscenes – If you tested the Experimental hall you will probably remember the victory cutscene in one of the rooms. We now implemented that scene in the actual game after the combat arena after the camp. What is more, in the new Harem level that we made you can now get some action going with one of the girls there – there is an intimate scene that you are gonna have to save up for if you want to afford it. And last but not least, we made a cutscene for Darick’s second interview in Avoch where he actually gets his first job. 

Music – This week we worked a lot on improving the atmosphere and feel of Iragon. Our sound designer made a lot of new ambiance music – in the Camp Cutscene, in the Harem level, and in the Combat arena after the camp. Hopefully, that will help you immerse yourself more.   

Level Design – As you know we are working on a brothel/harem room that is now almost finished. It has a very oriental vibe and it’s going to allow you to experience a lot of intimate sexy moments with the lovely girls in there. For now, there is only one sex interaction with one of the girls but we have a lot more planned for the future. 

General – Last week we started working on a gold system and this week you will be able to actually loot gold from the chests that you find scattered around. With this gold, you will be able to purchase various stuff in the future, but for now, you have an option to spend them in the Avoch Brothel. Another addition is lip sync for some of the Avoch town girls that you see on the street.

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