Anime Romance Game – Iragon Update 40

We are back from holidays, we hope you had a wonderful time and we wish you a very happy 2021! For this month’s video we have a few minor changes to the demo as well as teasing Iragon’s upcoming BETA.

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– Changelog for build 0.65 from 01.08.21 –

Moving Clouds – I don’t know if you ever looked up at the skies in Iragon, but if you did, you would notice that the clouds are actually moving. We wanted to adjust and improve them a little, so we made materials for them and sped them up, so that the movement is more noticeable. 

Work in Progress – In the Work in Progress section that you go to after you finish the demo, you’ll be able to see one of our new female models, her outfit and all of that, however still missing materials. You will also see Erika’s new armor outfit now textured.

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