Adult Dating Sim – Iragon Update 37

Hello everyone, we are back with another monthly update video with all the changes we’ve made to Iragon. We are also happy to announce that build v 0.52 of Iragon is live and we’ve prepared a changelog for you guys.

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                                    – Changelog for build 0.52 from 10.16.20.

Changes in Experimental Hall – The experimental hall got a few improvements made to it, such as better lighting and better art for the ceilings. We added a skylight in the main room that separates the corridors to brighten things up. The corridor ceilings got new chandeliers and a prettier design.

Warrior Girl Black Outfit – If you remember the rogue looking girl in the experimental level, you will notice something different about her. She used to wear a red outfit but we decided black suits her better.  

Warrior Girl Previews – Before entering the chambers of each of the warrior girls you will see a quick preview of them. They will show off their looks to spike your interest before having the chance to interact with them. You can find them in the experimental hall.

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