Virtual Reality Game 10 Cupcakes Devlog – The Gogo Bar

Apart from shooting and punching aliens, flying around the city night sky and eating delicious-looking cupcakes, our VR game also offers an unusual feature where you can explore some your forbidden desires – The Gogo Bar. Most people are surprised to see a feature of this type in an action sci-fi shooter and they are right – it is absolutely illogical to have a strip bar in the middle of an alien invasion. But this is what we want to do at Repulse – we do things differently, we don’t follow logic because we want our players to forget about it and immerse into the experience. We want them to feel what it is like to be a supersoldier while also having a good time with a few pretty ladies.

So check out our talented animator Hagop Ousdaoghlian talking about how he achieved every little detail in the bar – from the flashing lights to the pretty ladies.

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