10 Cupcakes Virtual Reality, New Game Trailer

We at Repulse are proud to present you with the first good look of what you can expect from our upcoming VR title 10 Cupcakes. In it you take the role of a super soldier, created by an alien race, aimed to be the perfect weapon. They made you an unstoppable killing machine, but before loyalty could be programmed into your mind, you escaped and are now wreaking havoc in the genetic facility. Arm yourself, gun down aliens, destroy any machine that stands in your way, use their own weapons against them and visit the strip club for a bit of relaxation. Don’t let anything get in your way to freedom.

Virtual Reality Level Design

Don’t you just hate it when you have to go to the scariest, most dangerous freaky place that makes everyone run in the opposite direction because that place just reeks of death? “Why would I do that?” you ask. Well, in order to save the world and come out as the hero at the end you have to go through hell and back. Where everyone runs away from, you dive straight in and face all the death threats that come with it, all the bad guys that want to shoot you down, all the deathtraps and so on. And who is going to be the one to do that? You of course! In Repulse’s upcoming VR action game – 10 Cupcakes! And we have the perfect place for that The enormous, dark alien tower – a living destruction that is going to bring you tons of fun.

Our talented Concept artist and 3D modeler, Dimitar Katsarov dedicated his time to explain some of the important qualities of a good concept artist. He talks about what the inspiration behind the tower is, what he aimed for when he made it and much more!

Make sure you watch the video so you can tune into the fun process of creating a video game, to get to know one of our main artists and how the badass levels in the game were made.

Screenshot of the Tower in 10 Cupcakes

Virtual Reality level design