The Castle Part 3 – Custom LightPost with Statue

Finally done with that last project and I can get back to my castle. I need some lightposts, but figured why not get a statue in there too. I need about 12 of them in the level so this is a really low res mech, but it still came out OK. I kind of like it, I may to another version as an enemy where I can rig and animate him.


I updated him with an emissive shader after I brought him into UDK. A very simple shader setup as you can see from the screenshot below:

He Really adds character to the castle giving it a more imposing feel:


A detail shot of the rotting green surface:


I also used a bunch of copies of him to finish out the bridge to Nowhere that I hadn’t figured out what to do with.


From up close it has a really eerie feel.


I really got a lot of use out of this model.

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