The Castle Part 1

I have abandoned Unity for a lot of reasons and moved on to Unreal. Working on a modular demo level for UDK that snaps to the grid, and will allow me to construct something big with very few pieces. So far I downloaded a bunch of free pictures from CGTextures, and slapped them together to make

1 base texture sheet


I did some quick Normal, Specular, AO and Cavity maps off of it in nDO, and then I used that one sheet to build the following set of Meshes. These are the meshes with the diffuse map on only.


Still a few things to do before I can import them. I need to make the additional UV channels so that they will lightmap correctly and then I think I am ready to bring them in to UDK and start assembling them. They hold up pretty good up close. Below is a detail render in Max with the Scan line render and diffuse map only.

Detail Render
Detail Shot

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