The Castle Part 2

Modular Construction in UDK

I am totally not regretting switching from Unity to UDK. It was a lot to learn. But it is 10x better. If you look at the screen shots of the last level on my blog I did in Unity, and look at the screen shots below you can see what I am talking about.

Once Everything was exported from Part 1 of this post, it was pretty easy to start snapping the pieces together. My Cornice didn’t work out like I thought it would, but I was able to use it elsewhere and just substituted a different piece for it. I only used 2 pieces from Unreal Content, the roof, and the grating which I substituted for window in two of the towers.

Here are the shots of what everything looks like snapped together. I am surprised it looked this good for a first try at modular design.

Main Castle


Inside the Perimeter Corridors
Modular_Level_In_UDK (2)

Here’s where I left off. The bridge to nowhere.

In the last shot the right angle is jumping out at me. And the normal map looks good in some places and bad in others it is kind of obvious it is a procedural normal map. Next time the pieces should be sculpted the pieces in Z-Brush, and I will mind the corners. I kept it boxy just to make sure it snapped, but I am really hating those right angles about now.

What’s next?

build the level out just a little more with my few pieces
Make a material that gets good reflection on the windows
Add some props
Add some special effects
And then start making it interactive

The Castle Part 1

I have abandoned Unity for a lot of reasons and moved on to Unreal. Working on a modular demo level for UDK that snaps to the grid, and will allow me to construct something big with very few pieces. So far I downloaded a bunch of free pictures from CGTextures, and slapped them together to make

1 base texture sheet


I did some quick Normal, Specular, AO and Cavity maps off of it in nDO, and then I used that one sheet to build the following set of Meshes. These are the meshes with the diffuse map on only.


Still a few things to do before I can import them. I need to make the additional UV channels so that they will lightmap correctly and then I think I am ready to bring them in to UDK and start assembling them. They hold up pretty good up close. Below is a detail render in Max with the Scan line render and diffuse map only.

Detail Render
Detail Shot