A few more details

Added a picture on the wall, Re-textured the windows and doors, added refractive glass to all the windows, and some specularity to the floor. All 4 interiors models done. The room still feels a little empty, I will need to add a few details I missed, then I can move on to the exterior. Here is the latest in game screenshot. Along with the original reference photo I was using to build out the room.

I expanded the room size to make it more playable with an animated character, and swapped the doors for french doors. For the balcony I am working off of a completely different ref photo.

I can see that there is a lot of work to be done on the lighting though to get the in game to look more like the original. Also looks like I am missing some meshes, baseboard, door molding, and a light.



Game Prop Bed

I was so happy with the chair I did a few weeks ago, and now looking at this bed. I think it looks much better than the chair, yet I still made a bunch of new mistakes and know how to do it better next time. Progress is fun, I seem to get a little better with each model. 4 more models to go, and I am done with the interior. Here is an in-game screenshot of the bed:


Flower and Vase

After a month of no progress, I am back to it. Finishing out the level. Today I did this:

Flower and Vase: 350 Tris, two 512×512 textures


At first it felt like a waste of time. But now that I see it in the room, it really did bring the room to life. In game screenshot below.