Creating the Feeling of an Endless World

I hate games that feel like you are playing inside of a confined area. The feeling of an endless world is so much nicer. I am going to have the balcony look over a mix foreground terrain with vegetation meshes and textures, with a Matte Painting layer over a skybox.

I start with a box and block it out to the shape that feels right in the engine looking over the balcony:


Then I sculpt it to look a little bit more like terrain


Decimate it down so I can use it in a game


And then texture it:


There were a few baking errors, but I will just cover them up with rocks, plants and trees. A lot of it won’t be seen so it doesn’t need to be perfect. This model should do.

From the blockout model it was already in place. I add it to the scene under the house and then put in some trees rocks and vegetation.


That is all I did and the end result is when you get to the end of the level instead of seeing a wall, you see this:


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